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    Oh I love Christmas!

    Fiancé and I are supposed to close on a house in November so I'm super excited for our first Christmas in our own house (we just graduated from college in May). I adore all of the decorating and baking and couldn't be happier to FINALLY have total control

    Our only traditions involve specific foods and lots of handmade ornaments and decorations made by my grandfather over the past 60 some years, but my fiance's family goes skiing every year so I guess I have to learn to ski now.

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    Ahhh! Yes, I'm super excited! My mom is a Halloween fanatic (I had to stop her from decorating in mid-September..) but I've always been a Christmas lover! This week, we started rehearsing Christmas music in my choir group at school. I literally squealed with excitement.

    I'm mostly looking forward to the overall cheer and happiness that comes on Christmas

    As for cards, we usually take pictures and have the cards made. However, I don't think we'll be sending out cards this year because my mom, brother and stepdad will be out of the country for the two weeks of Winter Break and won't be celebrating Christmas.
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    I absolutely love Christmas, it is my favorite time of year, no doubt about it.

    It's also mine and Bess' birthday, we were born in the early hours of Christmas Day 1994, so that's an extra reason to love it!

    Christmas is a huge deal in our family, not just culturally, but also for religious reasons. My parents have always been quite strict about the first part of the day being for religious observance, so we always head to the early morning church service, and we are not allowed to open any presents until AFTER we've been to church.

    Also, for one hour of Christmas Day, the word "Christmas" is banned, and instead it's simply mine and Bess' birthday. No-one is allowed to open any of their Christmas presents during that hour. It's something my mom insists on, even though Bess and I aren't that fussed, but she believes we should get some time where the focus is just on it being our birthday, even it's "just" an hour.

    I know a couple of other Christmas Day babies, who celebrate on another day, but we don't do that. Christmas Day is our birthday, that's when we mark it.

    I've started doing my (online) shopping. I'm excited already!
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    Maggiemary- what a great idea of your mom to have a birthday hour! Kids with Christmas birthdays often don't get their special day but you get two in one! I love it!
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    I got my first decoration of the year today, some beautiful Disney baubles from the Disney shop. I have my eye on some other stuff but I was shopping alone and wouldn't have been able to carry the stuff home, I'm a weakling

    Next on my list is a set of festive Disney mugs, they aren't garish or tacky like you would imagine, but very cute and christmassy and endearing! Can't wait to pick them up next week, I can already imagine us using them Christmas Eve in front of the fire. A coffee for DH, a strong tea for me, and a very milky hot chocolate for Amelie

    Also on my list is some vintage matching onesies for the girls, for Christmas Eve. Not those jokey animal ones that seem to be everywhere, but the old fashioned cotton style ones. I've looked in Next, Pumpkin Patch and Debenhams but haven't seen anything so if any UK berries have any ideas, be sure to let me know

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