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    Babies in my life...

    I've had a lot of babies being born in my life these days, so I thought you guys may be interested to hear the names.

    My nephew (my side of the fam) was born a few days ago, his name is Donovan Leo. He joined big sisters Athena & Agnes. He was born happy and healthy, four days after his due date.

    Close friends of ours just gave birth to a daughter, they named her Rowan Abigail. Rowan's big brother is named Elias John. (we're slightly sad about the name choice because we liked it for our future son, haha, but we'll find something else. Rowan's a great little girl so far!)

    Another friend had a baby on the first of the month, they named him Corbin Joshua. His siblings are Elliot and Drake. Triple threat of boys.

    Yet another really dear friend, along with her husband, welcomed their first, Ian Hunter.

    A friend of mine that I don't know well posted on facebook announcing that her daughter had been born, and her name was "Graysen Elizabeth." Yes, Graysen on a girl. I'm not particularly a fan.

    These are just the babies of the people I know well (except for Graysen), I've seen others but I'm not going to bother you with all of those. Haha. I thought you all may be interested to hear the names.
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    thanks for sharing

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    Congratulations to all of the families with new arrivals!
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    It's a boy!
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    Congratulations to all the parents!

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    Corbin, Elliot, and Drake go really nicely together.
    I don't really care for Greyson on a girl either. Gracelyn or Rae, but not Greyson.
    Donovan Leo is so handsome. Love Leo and wonder if Donovan will continue to grow on me as a boy option.

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    Across the street are Teagan (g age5) and Charlie (age 3)

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