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    Updated and revised list-- Rosemary or Clare?

    We've narrowed, tweaked and otherwise revised our short list. We're fairly set on Rosemary or Clare as a first and here's a list of combos we like best. Tell me what you think!

    Rosemary Alida
    Rosemary Luz
    Rosemary Clare (we really like, but does it sound too much like eclair???)
    Clare Avani
    Clare Helena


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    I didn't use to like Rosemary, but now I love it! Partly for its classic-ness and it also has great nn options, which is a huge plus for me.
    As far as middle names go, I like Rosemary Claire the best. And no, I did not think eclair when I heard that!!!!
    I saw the middle name Luz you had...while I don't like Luz for a middle (unless its a family name, in that case, sorry) had me thinking of "Luck" as a middle... Random I know! But Rosemary Luck sounds really cool to me!!!
    Just my opinion, best of "luck"

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    I seriously think that you can't go wrong. They are both beautiful choices, and I see why you can't decide. If I were you, I would take the whole see-her-and-decide approach, but I know others like concrete decisions made before the birth. Your middles are beautiful, and rather than look at flow, I would pick the middle with the most significance to you. All things being equal, Rosemary Alida and Clare Avani are the stand-out names to me.

    Best of luck!

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    Rosemary Clare does sort of run together, but not horribly. If you love it, use it! I think Rosemary Alida is the top pick out of your choices for me though,
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    I think Rosemary Alida is the stand out name from your list for me. Rosemary Clare does run together a bit but I still like it, and if you love it, I'd say go for it

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