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    can you name your child the same as a friend's child?

    Our DD is 2 weeks old and we can't decide on a name. We've added the name Fiona to our short list. We love it but it is the name of a friend's 2 y/o daughter. I worked with this friend in 2001 and have not lived in the same city as her in over 10 years so our children wouldn' be spending much time together. I visit her when I'm in town seeing my family several times per year but otherwise we aren't in close touch. Is it a faux pas to use the same name when there are tons of names out there? I'm not inclined to ask her what she thinks in the event she would feel I'm 'taking' her name. Any insight or similar experiences? my uncle named his son the same name as my brother a while back and my mom said she wasn't offended since no one can claim it, even though the cousins now have the same name.

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    While no one owns a name, I think its best if you ask your friend about it. You wouldn't want to potentially jeopardize a friendship over this.

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    Since you are not in frequent contact with your friend and she lives in another town, I think it is fine. You could ask her, but I wouldn't worry about it in this case. It would be different if your kids saw each other frequently.

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    I agree with Mrs_Anton_Yelchin1990. I do believe that you should ask your friend how they would feel about you using this name, though if they are offended you are 'taking' their name I would feel they aren't a true friend. My friend and I bounce names off one another all the time, we have different naming styles, so we find it divine when we like the same name.
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    If I loved it enough I would, even if it was my best friend, they both would have different last names. I don't see why you couldn't. I would tell them though and see what they think, but none the less I'd use it.
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