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Thread: Annersley?

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    Question Annersley?

    I used to be really crazy about school stories a couple of years ago (still like them), especially those set in boarding schools. Anyway, one of the more obscure series' I devoured was the Chalet School series by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, and those books had a character - a teacher - named Miss Annersley. I've never heard of the name anywhere else, and I really like it. I guess it counts as a surname name, like Kennedy or Connelly, so why not Annersley (also, it lends itself really easily to nns like Anna, Annie etc)? What do you think?

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    I have a feeling I also read those books... though I don't remember the teacher. I can't imagine Annersley as a first name though.

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    Annersley is just bad. I just hear Anna in a twangy accent with the very tired and trendy -ley ending tacked on for good measure.

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    I agree that "Anner" sounds like Anna with a twangy, overly strong accent. I like the idea of the name, though. What about the surname Annesley?
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    I do not like Annersly. It sounds like someone wanted to use Ainsley or Annie or something but accidentally hit a few extra letters on the keyboard... Cool name, but not for a first. Sorry :/

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