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    Is Cedric a "black" name?

    Hi. So my husband and I are TTC, and have decided on Cedric for a boy. I was out to lunch with some friends of mine, and when they asked what names we liked, and I mentioned Cedric, they all looked horrified and told me that's a black name, and I can't use it because I'm white. I have never heard anything like that before in my life. These three girls are ranging in ages 21-32, and are from North Dakota, Virginia, and Minnesota, so I know it's not just one areas weird outlook on a name.
    Now that three different people have said something, I wonder if we have a son if people are going to constantly be shocked at this "black" name on a white person?
    Can I use Cedric?
    Has any one else ever heard of this exclusively one ethnicity name rule?

    Thanks in advanced for answering my super weird question.

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    Never heard of such a rule.

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    I think that the main association with Cedric when that age group was younger would have been Cedric the Entertainer, so that may be the reason for their thinking that it belongs to a specific culture. The main association for those 10-15 years younger is probably Cedric Diggory, so I feel like it's pretty split in terms of exposure. It's definitely fair game as a name for a baby of any background, and is no more "black" than Otis, Miles, Louis, Samuel, or any other well established name with an uber-famous black bearer. IMO, those associations only lend an added cool factor to the name, and I would seriously question my friendships with people who would be "horrified" that your white child might be mistaken for a black child on paper.
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    I don't think there is such a thing as a "black" or "white" name. That's name-based prejudice and it's very disturbing. There are some names that are chosen by members of the African-American community. These can be divided into roughtly the categories below:

    1) African names - Omari, Ashanti and Dakarai
    2) Biblical names - Elijah and Isaiah
    3) Muslim names - Malik, Omar and Aaliyah
    4) French and Italian names - Domininque, Gabriel, Desiree, Dante, Chantal, Simone, Antoine, Maurice, Andre
    5) Hero names from African-American history - Marcus, Luther, Booker, Malcolm, Zora
    6) Combination names that are usually a mix of the two parents (eg. Brevin - taken from Brenda and Melvin)
    7) Meaning names - Destiny, Nevaeh, Diamond, Miracle, Ebony
    8) Created names - Often beginning with La, Sha or Da (eg, Shaquille)
    9) Old English/Celtic/Surnames names - Cedric, Devin, Courtney,Desmond, Reginald, Roderick, Torrance, Tyrone, Terrance

    Ok, so Cedric is chosen by African-Americans. Does that make this name (invented for Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott) a "black" name? No, it doesn't. If the answer was yes, then white people therefore shouldn't choose any name from any of these broad categories and I can see that idea going down well. My advice to you: always choose a name you love.
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    Have never heard of such nonsense before (at least there's no such thing as an ethnicity name rule in Denmark - I have a Christian acquaintance who named her daughter Farida because she loves the meaning of it and no one cares that it is an Arabic name, in fact she has only gotten positive feedback from her Muslim friends). Sounds like a big bunch of prejudice, racism and bigotry to me. And I most certainly agree with @tk. I think you may need to reevaluate your friendship with someone who are "horrified" by the thought of you giving your child a so-called "black name", they don't seem like particularly nice people.
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