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    I'm not trying to start trouble, but this is honestly an inherently racist question and every time it comes up (as it does, all too frequently, on Nameberry) I cringe.
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    My immediate association with the name Cedric is Cedric Diggory, and I think he's awesome. I'm a Hufflepuff myself, so I highly approve. Haha. If I met a boy named Cedric, I'd probably find it adorable. I know a white kid named DaChone, (da-shown), so don't worry! Even if it was predominantly "black", I don't think it would matter. It'd be refreshing to see it on a white kid haha. Although personally, I don't think there's really a such thing as a name being "off-limits" to a certain race. It's really up to the parents' preferences.
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    I do think it's a predominately "black" name but it's not something that would be odd on a white person.

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    Names are names, they don't have races.

    I'm 26, so right in that age range, and I live in the Midwest. The strongest association I have with the name is Cedric Diggory (the first Harry Potter book came out when I was 10, so it's definitely this generation that first grew up with them). The only Cedric I know in real life is around my age and he's half-white/half-Korean.

    In all honesty, I think your friends probably just don't like the name and said that to talk you out of it, but they made themselves sound racist. For what it's worth, I think Cedric is a fine name, and you can and should use it if it's the name you love. They'll get over it.
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    That definitely would NOT be my first reaction to the name. Actually I think Cedric is a really handsome name, and would love to meet a little Cedric of any ethnicity
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