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    Almost 42 weeks and no name!

    I posted a while back about boy and girl names for baby #4. Well, I'll be 42 weeks on Friday, and if I don't go into labor by then, my midwife says I'll have to go to the hospital for an induction on Saturday morning. We don't know if it is a boy or a girl, but we have a boy name (Kessel Alexander). Our other children are Leiden, Saskia, and Aleydis.

    Right now we are stuck between two first names and a bunch of middle names. Both are Dutch names.

    Evelien (somewhere between ay-vuh-LEEN and ehv-uh-LEEN)
    Margreet nn Greet or just Greet. I tend to really prefer Greet to Margreet since none of our other kids have nns, but it's hard to find a middle name with a first name that is a verb, though I think my husband could look past it (it's his favorite)

    For middle names, we like to use family names or versions of family names that are more Anglophone. (Our other kids middle names are Dominic, Rosemary, and Josephine)

    Contenders: Marguerite (obviously not with Margreet), Elizabeth, Louisa, Isabelle, Susanna, and Alexandra.

    Which do you prefer? Any combos that strike you?
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    My favorite is Margreet Louisa, called Greet. I don't think it's a problem that she would have a nickname while the others don't, and both names are lovely. Evelien is pretty too - maybe Evelien Susanna.

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    I think that Evelien Louisa is a very classy, pretty name and my favorite combination.

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    Both names are very pretty, but I think I like Evelien better.
    Evelien Susanna or Evelien Louisa. Good luck .

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    Are you in the Netherlands? Fascinating names. I prefer Margreet as it's most distinct from your other children's names and also think it's more international than just Greet. My favorite choice is Margreet Louisa. Can't wait to hear the final result!
    Pam Satran

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