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Thread: my little boy

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    my little boy

    i have just come on to this site and wanted to share my sons name who was born last Christmas, i wanted something to reflect the winter, my fav girl name at the moment is winter, i love names that are words.

    i love baby names and knew i had to use a name which was easy to spell, different and he wasn't going to be in a class with a child of the same name. i'm a nursery nurse and so i have seen a lot of the same names over and over. so i decided to call my boy after my dad Ray but i felt this wasn't modern enough for me, i liked the name Raven and was discussing it with a friend he suggested spelling it Rayven, which i did.

    As i had honored a family member with his first name the only other person i would honor would be my brother but it really does go with Rayven, (although, i really like how my son his uncle and granddad all have names starting with R.) his middle name was harder to choose but i decided on Midnight, I love word names. my son had jet black hair when born, although now he is very blonde!!!

    i know his name is different but it isnt to me, when i tell people his name i often get "that's different," my mum took him out and said his name and a woman came saying "really??" and my mum said yes he is my grandson i know his name! lol, but to me it isnt that different or odd, its his name and i couldnt imagine him as anything else.

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    Congratulations & best wishes!
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