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    Gender neutral name help!

    Alright, any fairly unisex/gender neutral "R" suggestions?

    Set on Knox as the first name, but am stuck on a middle name! There are plenty of GN one syllable names that I like, but I think it needs to be multisyllabic to have a nice ring.

    So far these are what I've got:

    Knox Rylan (too out there or trendy with the FN? Is it even that gender neutral?)
    Knox Rory
    Knox Raleigh (not sure about that one)

    Work your magic, berries!
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    Rory was the first name I thought of before reading your list!

    How about Reagan, Robin, Reece, Ryan (I knew a girl Ryanne), Riley/Ryleigh/etc

    Hope this helps!

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    River, Rowan - Nature names. The others I had were all one syllable though I *am* very fond of Rain.

    Rejoice, Revere, Remembrance, Remedy, Reverie, Reminisce, Rhapsody - Can't decide if they sound like Puritan virtue names or New Age spiritual. I like a couple of these a lot and the others I'm not as sure of.

    Rembrandt, Renoir, Remington, Rigby - Surnames, but to my ear Knox doesn't need another surname. I did love Renoir very much for years as a name though, because I so adored the artist.

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    I too thought Rory when it name to unisex R names. You could go with a surname as well like Radburn or Redmond.
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    Knox and all of your middles are entirely masculine, not neutral. I like the suggestions of River, Roan, Rue, and Rowan. How about Robin, Ren, Rae, Reed, Raven, Rafa, Renee, or Rebel?
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