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    Question Honest Opinions! Help!

    Hello everyone

    I desperately need your help. I find boy names a lot easier than girl names. I thought I liked older names but I'm finding that I also don't mind going with something slightly different. The one thing I do feel strongly about is I don't want a first name that you can shorten into a nickname.

    These are some of the boy names we like:
    Abel Glenn (Glenn after my late Grampy)
    Glenn Elliot
    Glenn Adler
    Forest Harrison

    These are some of the girl names we like:
    Arden Joyce (Joyce after my Nana)
    Aster Gwen
    Mabel Gwen (Gwen after my Grammy)
    Maisie Gwen
    Rosa Gwen
    Thea Gwen
    Adler Rose

    Also would love to hear suggestions if these names ring a bell for you Thanks so much!

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    I like Glenn Elliot and Glenn Adler.

    I do not like Arden or Aster for a girl; sorry! I don't see any femininity here. Definitely seem like boys names to me.

    However, I LOVE Mabel Gwen! Would you use Gwendolyn as a middle, or just Gwen? Either way, this is my favorite choice from your entire list.

    Best of luck

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    I agree that Glenn Elliot and Glenn Adler are the best choices of the boys.

    I don't really care for Arden or Aster all that much but I like Astrid as an alternative. The others are nice though I personally wouldn't go with Adler Rose because when said out loud, I hear Adler Ose of Adle Rose.
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    Thanks for you opinions, ladies! My mom is very apple and oranges when it comes to names so it's hard to talk about it with her.

    I would just use Gwen, not Gwendolyn, as it sounds better with the surname

    I love Glenn. My Grampy died when I was young so I have no memories of him. I feel like this would be a way of connecting to him. It means "of the valley", and I actually grew up in a small area that was called the valley. Do you think it's too "old" or do you think it could be relevant again?

    Do you have any other suggestions for me?

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    My favorites are Glenn Adler and Mabel Gwen. I see no problem using Gwen on its own.

    Ideally I would not use Glenn and Gwen in the same sibset, but I suppose since one's a fn and one is a mn, it could work. Just in case you end up having one of each.

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