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    Thanks! Really like the suggestions of Colleen Alexis, Colleen Fiona, and Colleen Marissa (one of my husbands fav names). I'm just not sure any of them accomplish that "unexpected" middle to balance out the simplicity of Colleen. That's one thing I like about Colleen Daisy (quirky and fun) so I'm trying to think along those lines. I don't love the flow, Colleen Daisy McCarthy, but maybe I can try to get past it. Any other ideas to jazz up Colleen??

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    Going with the flower theme, Colleen Azalea!

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    As an same-but different alternative to Colleen Daisy, Colleen Dahlia might appeal?

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    I love Colleen! I'm so happy to see there is someone else in the world who likes it too LOL!
    I like Colleen Daisy for you. You're right, the flow isn't perfect, but what a sweet story! Significance trumps flow for me, but I know not everyone feels that way.
    My second choice would be Maeve, just because it's another of my favorites. It's my cousin's name, so not an option for me, but it's so lovely.
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    I'm Irish and I also love Colleen! So classic! I like the idea of an unusual and unexpected middle name.

    I'd probably go with a super ethnic Irish middle name to follow the theme.

    Colleen Saorse
    Colleen Niamh
    Colleen Fiona
    Colleen Siobhan
    Colleen Laoise
    Colleen Maeve (I'd probably go super ethnic and use Maebh)
    Colleen Bridget
    Colleen Tara
    Colleen Ailbe
    Colleen Deirdre
    Colleen Ruari

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