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    My heart says COLLEEN today.. help with middle!

    I just posted the other day asking for FIRST names to go with MIDDLE name Colleen.. all of which I'm still considering. My husband and I both really like it (and it's my Grandmother's favorite name) so I like the idea of incorporating it somehow if I don't incorporate her own name (Loretta.. which, funny enough, she doesn't like so much). I never wanted to use it as a first name because my husband has a distant cousin named Colleen and I'm weird like that, but today I decided how silly I was being. I've never even met that person so Colleen is back on the table for a first! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, and I admit it's hard for me to give up my other more "interesting" choices for a name so plain and simple. But I love it just the same, and just need to find ideas for a middle so we can add it to the list.

    Some that I have so far:
    Colleen Loretta (cute that its my Grandmoms name but I don't NEED to do an honor name)
    Colleen Amelia
    Colleen Daisy (my 6 year old stepson has been pulling for Daisy as the babys name all along, so I thought this would be sweet... the flow is not fantastic though).
    Colleen Elena
    Colleen Maeve

    I'm really struggling with this one.. any thoughts on the above or new ideas are very much appreciated!!!

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    Forgot to mention last name is 3 syllables and starts with Mc.. Thanks!

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    I'm biased, because my name is Colleen and I've always liked it. My middle is Marie, which is pretty standard considering I'm Irish Catholic. I have a really hard time coming up with ideas because my name has always sounded so "right" to me!

    I rather like Colleen Maeve in terms of flow. I also like Colleen Loretta because of its significance to you.

    Other ideas for a middle:
    Aster / Astrid
    Bridget / Birgitte
    Ellis / Hollis

    edit: my last name is also three syllables and starts with Mc
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    I like the sound of Colleen with a three-syllable middle that has the emphasis on the second syllable.

    Colleen Aurora (absolutely love this combo!)
    Colleen Lorena (a bit like Loretta and Elena)
    Colleen Fiona (super-Irish, & a pretty combo!)
    Colleen Luella
    Colleen Alexis

    I know a great Colleen in real life, I think it's a nice choice for a strong, kind girl Good luck!

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