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    Long Time No See BNG

    I've missed making baby name games lately, so here is one for you:

    1. Choose a nature name for a boy and a girl. Middle names must begin with a B, L, or V; do not need to be nature names.

    2. Use your first & middle initial to name a boy & a girl.
    A: Elisa & Robert
    B: Kate & Jay
    C: Olivia & Miles
    D: Evangeline & Byron
    E: Lauryn & Alexander
    F: Emma & Jacob
    G: Sarah & Sterling
    H: Audrey & Wilson
    I: Catherine & Liam
    J: Bethany & Thomas
    K: Juliet & Owen
    L: Hannah & Nelson
    M: Sophia & Peter
    N: Lucy & Ryan
    O: Scarlett & Ethan
    P: Harper & Lincoln
    Q: Jocelyn & Forrest
    R: Lily & Max
    S: Natalie & Harrison
    T: Rebecca & Warren
    U: Rose & Dawson
    V: Avery & Mason
    W: Evelyn & Gabriel
    X: Stella & Vaughn
    Y: Jane & Brooks
    Z: Marie & Zachary

    3. Using your month of birth, name a boy & a girl with first names of the letters given. Middle names are your choice.
    January: W & G
    February: R & M
    March: J & G
    April: A & T
    May: E & H
    June: Y & F
    July: F & K
    August: D & H
    September: S & B
    October: N & B
    November: L & X
    December: U & E

    4. Your family consists of you, your husband/wife, & however many children you want. What are your names?

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    Rhode Island
    ... Zephyr Bentley Jordan.
    ... Rosalie Bella Jordan.

    ... Bethany Juliet Filch.
    ... Thomas Owen Filch.

    ... Yelena Giada Johnson.
    ... Franco Russell Johnson.

    Me: Andrea Finnigan.
    Husband: John Finnigan.
    ... Patricia Marie Finnigan.

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    1. River Blake & Azalea Lorelei

    2. Bethany Lauryn & Thomas Alexander

    3. Wilhelmina Jane & Gabriel Phillip

    4. Jillian Elizabeth & Jeremy Malcolm Danvers
    Number of children: 5
    Boy; Lachlan Jeremy Danvers
    Boy; Holden Seth Danvers
    Girl; Phoebe Rose Danvers
    Boy; Quinton Gabriel Danvers
    Girl; Azalea Clara Danvers

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    Graham | Macallister | Henry
    Annabel | Maisie | Oona

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    (My initials are MM. would have been Sophia Sophia & Peter Peter so I'm going to go with first and last initials)

    Sophia Hannah & Peter Nelson with Haze Leonard, Clementine Victoria, Meara Caitlyn, and Ronan Daniel
    Ansel Grayer, Bodhi Coven, Elliot Denali, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Rafferty, Foster Knox, Jethro Merrick, Julian Everest, Koa Phoenix, Otto Pacey, Seaton Milo, Serephin Matteo, Shepherd Kellan, Theodore Viggo
    Anthea Fife, Caitrin Meadow, Callie Rue Eliza, Esmae Regina Poet, Farley Selene, Gaia Winter Maren, Hazel Verity Bliss, Kendra Hollow, Linnea Echo, Oona Maple, Phoebe Calla, Rosalind Vale, Rowena Fate, Sage Mirabai, Scarlet Macey

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