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Thread: Disappointed!

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    I just have to say how disheartening it has been to discover all the trolling that has come onto this forum. When we put together the Quarterly Reports, we take it on good faith that these are announcements of real babies--it's almost impossible to try to discern which are and which aren't without running the risk of excluding actual baby berries. I've decided not to do the multiples blog because even I, trusting as I am, can't believe that unreal number of twins and triplets entered--though the twins are included in the Girls' and Boys' blogs.

    I implore you all to keep it real--you can always post fantasy families on other forums where they'll be accepted as such.

    Thanks--and congrats again to all of that majority of parents who did choose those incredibly great names for their babies!!


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    I love reading the Quarterly Reports and I'm really sad that people would fake children just to get attention. I was really looking forward to reading the multiples report but knew that a lot of the multiple births would be fake...

    I also have to say congrats to the parents of the wonderfully named babies!
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    Completely agree. I actually commented on the report for boys with a link to one I KNOW to be false. is the report for 4th quarter 2012, in which my son is one of the two Felixes. The other one was announced in the newest report again! I remember feeling so worried that Felix was rising faster than I had calculated. I deliberately chose a well known, little heard, easy to spell and pronounce name for my son that can be said in English and Spanish. There was a lot of thought and effort that went into choosing it. I don't need him to be uniquely named, but it would be nice to see accurate data. When I posted my announcement, I even included photos. This authenticates my birth announcement.

    Incredibly odd to me that people not only post false announcements, but that they RE-post them as well.

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    i think that if i posted my sons name people would think i was making it up, but i'm not, he has both an unusual first and middle name.

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    It's a real shame that people fabricate so many sets of multiples... immediately casts doubt on those of us asking for help with legitimate sets of twins so that we have to play defence on this site. All the troll hunting that's resulted from the volume of fakery has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, to be honest.

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    @teatime I think you'll find that Felix Apollo and his twin sister Amabel Artemis were born last December, but have been included in this quarter's report by mistake, probably because someone commented on the thread in August.!!?highlight=Felix+Apollo and I can't seem to find another birth announcement anywhere with the same names...

    I don't doubt that there are people with fake little families floating around, but just be careful before you jump the gun. It would be a real shame to turn away a real mother because she is being accused of being fake when she hasn't done nothing wrong at all
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    it's so pointless why would anybody do that....just why?

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    It's disappointing isn't it Linda? Like you said, there's no need for people to create fictional children, as plenty of people (like me!) on these boards don't have children and are a long way from doing so!
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    If people want to create fake children, post it in the name games. That's what they're for!

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    How does one know when someone is trolling? the oddity of the name/s?

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