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Thread: Disappointed!

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    Hello everybody,

    I'm administrator of a Belgian name forum and there we also had a fake mom that faked a triplet. Although we have 'only' 50 members.
    It's really pity that some people do this!!

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    I never "announced" our daughter's name one here but I just wanted to point out that her hospital band said "Babygirl T(ourlastname)" so that wouldn't really prove anything. And I agree it is super easy to photoshop. I think you really have to just go by honor system here and realize that, like all things online, there will be some fakery taking place. Everything with a grain of salt so to speak.
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    I also don't know if Multiples are a good way of Screening Trolls.

    As SarahMezz can verify, we have 3 sets of BOY Twins on the Momberries forum "Babies January - March 2014"

    And since we all share so much, we obviously aren't trolls. I think Multiples are more common now, and I think Trolls are out there. But that wouldn't stop me from reading a Multiples announcement. I am always curious to see how they've been named.
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    I don't think sharing a lot of information automatically means you're not a troll (I don't mean you, I mean that as a general 'you'). People can get their information from friends or family that are pregnant.
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    Agreed. In my experience, trolls are almost MORE likely to share. People who have actual families might be concerned about privacy and keep personal things to themselves (because they actually HAPPENED, so why share them on a baby names forum?) - whereas people who've created fictional families want to share every little detail they've imagined, and get attention/congratulations for every pretend event. Not to mention, a lot of fakes think that the more they share, the more 'real' they seem. And what's the sense in making a fake family if it's not exciting, right?

    Just as a disclaimer, I am NOT saying that people who share a lot about themselves are fakers. I tend to over share, myself (though I'm far from exciting)! I've just seen that idea a lot, and wanted to clear it up.
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