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Thread: Disappointed!

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    I totally agree. That is very sad and really unfair. I think people should just talk about future baby names and all sorts. There is plenty of room for that. I toally agree with @casilda. they should post fake babies in the name games forum. There is just no point of that.
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    This is the reason I don't comment on birth announcements for twins, triplets etc. because I think 90% of them are fake. It's sad the people feel the need to invent fake children.
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    Personally, I have been surprised that Nameberry hasn't initialized a process for confirming births before now. I think the one-sock feet picture with the baby's name written on paper is a pretty ingenious idea. It preserves privacy, doesn't exclude home births, and makes photoshopping inconvenient.

    It might also be worth considering leaving the Birth Announcements forum as it is, and adding a dedicated link on Nameberry allowing parents to submit their child's name directly to Pam/Linda/site administrators. This could require the foot/name photograph, or something else. If a picture were only going to the administrators and had guaranteed privacy from them -- you know, that the pictures are only for confirmation purposes and get deleted after X months or whatever, and I'm not going to load up Nameberry someday and find myself in one of the blog slide-show features or something like that -- I wouldn't object to more stringent requirements, like sending a picture of myself with the baby and the name written out. Or even a full family picture with the baby's name written out, since I have one of those large families which, while rare, are actually legit. I think it would be worthwhile to go through a screening process, because I'm afraid many people do think my large family is fake. I don't blame them; it would put up red flags for me, too -- but if the administrators approved my family's legitimacy, other Berries could know I'm not a fake while I would maintain my family's privacy. A screening process for the official blog seems both prudent and fair in my estimation.

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    @saracita00 - I think that's an ingenious idea, but it seems like so much work! I think it would cause a lot of new mothers quite a hassle to go through all of these guidelines just to prove their birth is legit.
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    What's going to stop people to take a photo of their niece/nephew/little siblings foot and submit it?

    It's sad that there are fakers, but this is the internet, it's going to happen.
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