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Thread: Girl #3

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    Juliette Simone wod be beautiful! You'd be getting back two names you missed out on without choosing an entire name you "passed" on before

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    Isolda Juliette would be lovely.

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    Felicity Juliette is lovely but I have to say.... I am lOVING Elodie Simone....!!!!!! Elodie is so gorgeous..
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    I adore both Juliette and Elodie but a concern I have with those names are that they are both rather romantic and definitely french like Genevieve. I feel that those two names would match and look like a set but then Lila will look out of place in the sib set. With just Lila and Genevieve together I feel like there is a bit of a vintage, old lady theme. What to you all think?

    I also want to continue the theme of a "so" in the middle name ("so"phia and I"so"bel). I do think Simone could fit this bill even though the s and the o are separated. Any other ideas for the so theme? (Thanks to the pp for the suggestions on that!)

    Naming gets so much harder each time with sibling names to contend with (fits the set, doesn't clash or rhyme or have same initials ect...)

    Thanks so much for all the ideas!!

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    I really like the name Elodie, but I think it is too close to the nn Evie that you use for your other daughter.
    Juliette would go well with your other daughters names, I love Juliette!!!!

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