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Thread: Girl #3

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    Girl #3

    I have two daughters already and we have been toying with idea of starting to trying for #3. I love names so my first thought is of course what would we name her (I just have a strong feeling it would be another girl).

    Our daughters names are Lila Sophia and Genevieve "Evie" Isobel. I really want a name that ties our sib set together. The runner up names for Lila were Tessa Elizabeth and Dahlia Juliette (still wish I used Juliette as the middle name for Lila) and the runner up for Genevieve was Elodie Simone (couldn't decide between two until kicked out of hospital). I still love all of those combos particularly Elodie Simone but I feel a little but like they are sloppy seconds since we picked another name over them for our older DD's (also on our previous short list were Isla, Ivy & Evangeline which are obviously too close now)
    I really need help with some fresh ideas that fit with our sib set.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think Juliette would be the perfect choice with Lila and Genevieve!

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    Lila Sophia, Genevieve *evie* Isobel, and __ ___:
    If you want the name to "tie the sibset together"- I would suggest nothing that ends in A or Eve, maybe something that ends in Ett, Ette, Elle, El, Ie or Y etc.Then you'd have a little bit of everything as far as endings go.
    Ideas from your list:
    Juliette Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Juliette
    Simone Juliette
    Instead of Elodie, if it seems stale b/c it was a runner up previously, I'd suggest Melody, Melanie, or Helen.
    Melanie Juliette
    Juliette Melanie -this is my aunt's name actually-
    Helen Juliette
    Melody Juliette
    Juliette Melody
    Melanie Simone
    Other ideas:
    Lila, Genevieve, &:
    Helena -hah-LAY-nah

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    I like that both of your middles have the letter o in them. (I particularly love Isobel) I would use Elodie as a middle or Olivia or another name with an "o".
    Lila Sophia & Genevieve "Evie" Isobel
    Margaret Elodie (tons of nicknames)
    Lorelai Rose
    Juliette Elodie (gorgeous wouldn't let being passed over rule it out)
    Alena Rowan (I pronounce it A-lay-na)
    Mavis Elodie
    Rosemary nn Romy
    Antonia Elodie nn Toni
    Daphne Elodie
    Annika Elodie
    Olive Juliette
    Veronica Hope (lots of nicknames Vera, Ron, etc.)

    Of course it could be boy. I like Jude.
    Good luck!

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