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    Yea, he likes some, so at least he's not doing like your husband and saying "I randomly decided I don't like half these names" >.< From this list, he likes:

    Osiris Leonidas Freyr
    Osiris Andvari Warren
    Osiris Aquila Evander
    Osiris Warren Beowulf
    Osiris Geoffrey Freyr -- I like Osiris Geoffrey, but Geoffrey Freyr has a weird sound
    Osiris Andvari Edwin -- Osiris Edwin Andvari

    Roland Artemus Elwin
    Roland Artemus Warren -- Roland Warren Artemus
    Roland Artemus Geoffrey

    Virgil Andvari Wolfgang -- Virgil Wolfgang Andvari
    Virgil Cyprian Arvak
    Virgil Barnabus Arvak -- replacing Arvak with Andvari. Virgil Barnabus Andvari...he's VBAT. Cody will call him Batty :P
    Virgil Geoffrey Aquila
    Virgil Evander Mimir -- My Amazon Author Page

    Represented by:

    Proud Mama to:
    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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