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    options name quiz

    pick a name from the answer you choose

    Daughter #1

    FN - Country of origin

    USA: Alexandra/Camille/Rosalie
    UK: Georgia/Marnie/Annabelle
    Australia: Grace/Adela/Lorelei
    Canada: Michelle/Emma/Cressida
    Other: Caecilia/Ffion/Isla

    MN - Height

    under 5ft: Rose/Bay/Mary
    5ft-5ft3: Mabel/Eloise/Wren
    5ft4-5ft7: Mae/Eleanor/Darcy
    5ft8-5ft11: Lake/Iris/Imelda
    over 6ft: Caroline/Verity/Sian

    Son #1

    FN - Number of children

    none: Jude/Sebastian/Lyle
    1: Elias/Bradley/Christopher
    2: Thomas/Hudson/Ashton
    3: Simon/Rafferty/August
    more: Leon/Micah/Samson

    MN - pets?

    dog: Archie/George/Angus
    cat: Robert/Michael/Vern
    fish: Cal/Bay/River
    hamster: Oscar/Timothy/Charles
    none/more than one type: Tate/Parker/Wyatt

    Daughter #2

    FN - relationship status

    single: Aoife/Evelyn/Cassidy
    in a relationship: Emmeline/Vivian/Madison
    married: Claudia/Caoimhe/Alice
    other: Violet/Saoirse/Rachel

    MN - Favourite movie genre

    Comedy: Emma/Rooney/Cass
    Romantic: Juliet/Poesy/Molly
    Horror: Hannah/Poppy/Jessica
    Drama: Lauren/Louisa/Jennifer
    Other: Lavinia/Edie/Charlotte

    Son #2

    FN - Favourite type of vacation

    Beach: Noah/Isaac/Benjamin
    City: Atticus/Sawyer/Presley
    Skiing: Vaughn/Jason/Matthew
    Camping: Rupert/Arthur/Elijah
    Other: Isaiah/Carson/Kieran

    MN - favourite holiday

    Halloween: James/Edward/Tyler
    Christmas: William/Carter/Hart
    Easter: Axel/Riley/Luke
    Thanksgiving: Jace/Jay/Redmond
    Other: Daniel/Harry/Miles

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    Emilie *

    Aria Avery Daphne Isla Laurel Tessa Violet Zoe
    August Basil Finley Jack Malcolm Noel Oliver Rory

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    Daughter #1
    Alexandra "Lexie" Mae

    Son #1
    Leon "Leo" Parker

    Daughter #2
    Violet Emma (neither of those names really worked with Violet...)

    Son #2
    Noah William
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

    ~Pertussis (whooping cough) can be a fatal disease, especially in infants~
    Rest peacefully Lily Reece

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