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Thread: Cora vs. Eloise

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    Cora vs. Eloise

    I'm due in 2 weeks and still trying to finalize a girls name. So far we think we've narrowed it down to either:

    Cora Adeline
    Cora Evelyn
    Eloise Elizabeth (nn would be Elise)

    We're also considering Coralie Linda in an attempt to try and incorporate my mothers name (Linda)

    I would really appreciate people opinions on first which first name they like the best and any suggestions for middle names as well. Thank you!!

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    I am so fond of Eloise, and I ADORE a variant of Linda ~ Linnet.
    Eloise Linnet is beautiful!

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    Cora Adeline — I try to stay away from the same vowel running into each other on both names—"Coradeline"
    Cora Evelyn — I like both names, but I'm not a huge fan of the combo.
    Eloise Elizabeth (nn would be Elise) — Way too much "El" going on. Alliteration has to be done very carefully to work, and this doesn't, IMO.
    Coralie Linda — Alliterative with the "lie-lin" sounds. Very sweet to want to incorporate your mom's name, but what about an alternative to Linda, such as Rosalind? I'm not sure that one sounds the best with your first name possibilities, but maybe we can come up with something else.

    How about...

    Cora Madeline
    Cora Vivienne
    Eloise Claire

    Wow, Eloise is really hard to come up with a middle name for. That's all I got.
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    I don't think using Elise as a nn for Eloise makes sense, Elise isn't really a nn for that name, it's just a similar name. That may be confusing. I can see people saying "Wait, so is her name Elise or Eloise?"
    I adore Coralie! And fergosky has a great idea: Linnet is a cool middle name!
    I also agree with littlemrsb, watch out for those vowels running into each other. If you do go with Cora, I think the middle name should have a consonant as the first letter.
    Cora and Coralie get my vote

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    I really want to love Eloise ( a family name for us but we chose uber popular Ella as a way to honor it as it's such a big name!). I adore Coralie, and Cora is cute.
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