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    Thanks everyone! Asche, I do like Aurora Sage but feel it's not usable mainly because then her initials would be don't want to do that to her! I'd also like to stay away from doubling up on the word names. Though I agree Aurora Sage sounds pretty!

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    It sounds like Anastasia Winter is the one for you. I like a lot of the names on your list, but none are as lovely or well combined and seem to be as exciting to you.
    It is frilly, but it has so many nn possibilities that it's very useable. I went to high school with an Anastasia who went by Stacia (stay-shuh) which feels a lot like Sasha.

    It's a beautiful combination and if your mom prefers more traditional names she can call her Annie

    Added bonus, if she finds a man with initials OME they could monogram everything AWS OME, lol
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    Aurora is perfection! It's a beautiful name! How about Aurora Jane, Aurora Sasha, Aurora Elizabeth?

    Anastasia Winter - I know an Anastasia and she frequently gets called Ana, Stasia, and Anastorya. I don't think it's too frilly, and it might be a bit long with you last name, but it sounds like you really love it. Some other ideas might be just Anna? Annika?
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    I really like Anastasia Winter. I don't consider it too 'frilly'. Alessandra is also a beautiful name that would go well with Winter, and I think with your last name as well.

    My favourites among the other suggestions are Sage and Lucy. Hailey is very popular, although it seems to be less so lately. I think it peaked a few years ago. It makes me think of when Halley's Comet came around and was in the news a few years ago, and there was a sudden increase in girls named Hailey.

    A few other name suggestions I'll toss out:
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    I had the same exact problems with my relatives when we named our son. I didn't tell her until he was born and we had narrowed it down to two names. She really wanted us to pick the other name-- or any name but the one we picked. It felt bad, but I'm an adult so I chose the name we wanted- not the name she wanted. A friend told me once, " She named kids already. She got her chance, this is your chance." Sound advice. That said your top three are pretty. I think I like Sage the best, but Aurora and Anastasia are pretty too. Winter is a fantastic middle name choice. Genevieve and Caroline are also very nice names. I love the nn Ro for Caroline.
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