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    Could really use some help with girl's names

    Berries, I'd like to get your thoughts on my name choices. I guess I'm just hoping to get some clarity and some feedback since I've been going back and forth over these names for what feels like forever now! I just can't decide between them. These are my top 3, yet in the back of my mind I keep wondering if maybe none of them are quite THE name since there's something I don't like about each...but I can't seem to come up with anything else, either. I'm looking for that ever elusive name that the average person is familiar with, yet isn't mega popular. The other issue is we have a somewhat difficult last name, Stren!o (3 syllable S name, ugh!).

    My top 3:

    Anastasia Winter - Pretty, not overly common, feels timeless, nice meaning, love Winter as a mn (especially since we live in the Rocky Mountains and are very into skiing). Concerned it's too much of a mouthful, especially with our longish last name. Also maybe too frilly??

    Sage Elizabeth - I keep thinking I really love this, but then when I compare Sage to Anastasia or Aurora, I worry that it doesn't feel quite feminine or pretty enough. To be honest I love Sage for a boy, too! But what really holds me back with Sage is I just don't love it with our last name. It feels hard to say and is so S heavy. I'd be happy to use it for a MN spot instead if the first name wasn't an A name (of course I wouldn't saddle her with the A.S.S. initials!).

    Aurora (haven't found a mn yet) - LOVE the meaning, love how it looks on paper, shorter than Anastasia but still feels equally feminine and pretty to me. Worried that the pronunciation is too difficult with the double r, plus there's the r in our last name - is that too much? Also I'm not really in love with the nn Rory. Aura or Roo could be cute, but I think I'd mostly just use Aurora without a nn. I'm also hoping this name doesn't get too much more popular. (I don't think I like Aurelia as much, even though that would take care of the double R issue.)

    Other names a bit lower on our list:
    Hailey/Hayley (but it's too popular and feels a little boring compared to my top 3. However this is my husband's favorite so it's still on the table)
    Elsa (want to really love, but something about it doesn't quite grab me as much as I feel like it should. Also has the S problem)
    Sasha (worried it too much of a "stripper name"? Also has the whole boy's name/nn outside of the US thing)
    Lucy (but we used to have a dog named Lucy, also don't love how it sounds with our last name. Don't care for Lucille/Lucinda/etc.)
    Cara/Caroline (like but don't love it)
    Genevieve (like, don't love)
    Mackenzie (guilty pleasure name!)
    Chloe (way too popular)
    Emma/Emily (way too popular)

    As an aside, the other thing I'm struggling with is my mother doesn't like any of my top 3. I know I know, I need to not care what she thinks, but it's so hard! I really would love to have her approval, but she only likes the mega conservative, mega popular names (although she hates both Sophia and Olivia, ha) so I just don't think that's going to happen. She'd be thrilled if I went with Emma or Hailey. Who knows, maybe we will, but I don't think I'd be really excited/happy about it. I want to LOVE the name we choose, and those names feel like I'd be just settling on something very safe, albeit pretty enough. Anyway, how did you get past any disapproval from family/friends? Or did they ruin any names for you?

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    Hi! Great post! I find that I struggle with a lot of the same issues!!!!
    I'll start at the top:

    I also worry that I am missing out on "the one" because all names I find that I like always seem to have one drawback. I don't know if that is something everyone goes through or not, but in the end we just have to find something we think is beautiful and fits the little girl!!
    My last name starts with S also, and I find that it can be challenging with names. But unlike what you said, I like the alliteration of an SS name, especially with what your last name sounds like. It makes me think of a movie star, or at least someone that draws attention, when I hear an alliterative name.

    Anastasia Winter is beautiful!!! However, when I say the whole name with your last name, I do think it is a mouthful. What about a one syllable middle name with Anastasia, like Mae/Rae/Belle/Joy/Lynn....?

    I also love Sage Stren____ (again, the alliteration). I do know more boys named Sage than girls though, so if you are against unisex names then I would avoid this.

    Aurora is very pretty and feminine. I love the nn Rory!!! What about Aurora Sage? That is a fantastic name (I may even add that to my list!!!)

    Genevieve is also on my list, but again with longer last names it can be quite a mouthful. I do think the name is classically beautiful though....I just picture a 3 year old girl trying to pronounce all that and it kind of makes me giggle...but of course there are nicknames that can be used.

    As far as your mother disagreeing with your top choices, it happens! You need to follow your heart. When she meets her granddaughter I bet she is going to fall in love with her AND her name. All of your name choices are beautiful and I'm sure your little girl is going to be too. It will be a match made in heaven! Try not to let anyone's initial reaction sway you from your favorites (easier said then done, I know). If you want to avoid that all together, have you thought about keeping the name you choose a secret until the birth? That way you don't have to listen to anyones opinions and when everyone sees the little baby, no one is going to say anything negative about the name at that point!

    I hope that helps! Best of luck

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    1. Aurora was my great grandmother's name, and her and my grandmother pronounced it Aura. It doesn't have to be pronounced with the two r's phonetically. Aura could be a consideration-easier for people to say and shorter and just as pretty in my opinion.

    2. I don't mean to sound offensive, but your mom is not the one having this baby, it is you and your husband's to name, raise, etc. If you must please her, maybe the middle name can represent her.

    3. If you do not love it, and unless it is one your hubby loves, it shouldn't be a runner up. There's too many names and not enough time to keep the ones you only like. This will help narrow things down hopefully.

    4. Revised list includes: Hailey, Sasha, (does not sound like a stripper name at all, or trashy or anything) Mackenzie, Anastasia Winter, Aurora, possibly Sage Elizabeth or just Elizabeth. Assuming I have narrowed this down to your liking, these are the finalists.

    5. Mackenzie is a cute, adorable girly-girl name that I used to love until it became so popular,(still like it) but if you love it and it isn't setting her up for bullying, which I do not believe this is, then why not use it or try to? Maybe there is a variant or diminutive of Mackenzie that you and your s/o would like?

    Anastasia Winter -only seven now so maybe you will consider adding a second middle name, which seems to be fairly common on nameberry, or go over these with hubby.
    Any of these final names you like in combinations? Hopefully I helped??

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    I LOVE Aurora!!! It's one of my favorite names! I don't like Rory as a nickname for Aurora either. I would prefer to use the full name the majority of the time, but Aura and/or Roo would be cute sometimes! I also really, really love Anastasia Winter! I LOVE both Anastasia and Winter on their own, and I also love this combo! Sooo pretty.

    Sage Elizabeth is nice, but it kind of falls flat for me.
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    I really like Sage for a girl! Such a wonderful set of meanings, too. I like Sage Anastasia or Sage Aurora, too! Have you thought of other, less common Mac names?
    Macayle etc...

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