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Thread: Siblings

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    I am just wondering....
    How does, Amelia, Evangeline, Colton and Gabriel sound together as siblings??


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    I love Colton and Gabriel together!

    While I love the two girls names individually, my only concern with Amelia and Evangeline is the potential nicknames. As long as Amelia doesn't turn into "Lia" and Evangeline turns into "Lina", then I think you are ok. You would probably have to really control the nicknames with those two names though, in my opinion.
    Nicknames for Evangeline can be Ang or Eva....and Amelia can turn into you do have options.

    Best of luck

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    I think Colton, while I love the name, sounds like the odd man out in this sibset. The name Colton is much more simple than the other three, which sound more romantic.
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    Thanks for replying!
    I plan on calling Amelia "Mia" and Evangeline "evie"

    And what other C names goes well with that set if not Colton??

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    Cabot, Ciaran (Irish version of Kieren), Charles, Camden. Connor, and for the record, I think Colton is fine--just not as classic as Gabriel.

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