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    I think Soren Kelly sounds the best but I also like Foster and Lachlan. Never heard of Torsten and don't really like it or Marshall.
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    Congrats! Here are my thoughts:

    Soren - Interesting and unique
    Foster - foster child?
    Lachlan - really popular in Australia
    Torsten - not seeing the appeal
    Marshall - usable vintage
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    I really like Lachlan I think it's a great name! Soren and Foster are great too. I don't like Torsten it seems like a mouthful to me... Marshall is ok, but all i can think about is that show "How I Met Your Mother", while funny I wouldn't want a child named that. But, your list is pretty great and you can't really go wrong with any of those choices!
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    1. Lachlan- Scottish with an Irish middle; will he be either of these?
    2. Foster- love this; its a unique word name that's rarely used. Forrester is another option, with the same feel as Foster & Marshall.
    3. Torsten- Norse with an Irish middle; will he be either of these? I love Scandinavian names, plus its a cool alternative to Thor (which btw also sounds cool with Kelly).

    Soren is cool but doesn't go with Kelly! And I'm not a fan of Marshall.

    I personally love the sound of Foster over Lachlan, but Lachlan makes a lot of sense with Irish Kelly.
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    Welcome! And good luck!

    I like Lachlan best with Kelly as a mn.

    Torsten is next and really growing on me.

    Foster I could take or leave.

    I agree that Soren is cool but doesn't go with Kelly.

    Marshall doesn't work with Kelly either IMO.
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