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    Thoughts on Louisa??

    I have went through so many names, I can not remember if I went over Louisa . Last night Louisa crept into my mind, and there she has stayed Just wondering your thoughts... is Louisa classic? Feminine? Elegant? I am not so sure she meets any type of Southern criteria but I could be wrong? Closest in age sisters are: Sophie-Claire Sarah Katherine and Serena. I love so much about Louisa, but I am not sure she is matching the "frilliness" quality of my other girls?? which of these do you prefer?? (I can rearrange middles, but Augusta must stay)

    Louisa Caroline Augusta??? Or STILL Caroline Augusta Jane???
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    Hello joyfulmom I think both names are lovely but Caroline Augusta Jane is the stronger of the two combos. I also think Caroline is a better match with your surname but as for matching with your younger girls Louisa is perfect and the nn of Lou is very cute.

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    I adore the name Louisa! I do think you need to break the symmetry of Louisa Augusta with the brief clean Jane. I also love Caroline.

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    I really like the name Louisa and would be considering it if surname didn't begin with A! I think it's very feminine and plenty frilly. I do like the combination of Louisa Augusta on it's own but Louisa Jane Augusta and Louisa Augusta Jane work very nicely too.

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    I like the name Louisa, and I love the nn Lou.

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