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  • Isidora NN Izzy

    11 17.19%
  • Isidora and I don't care for/about NNs

    15 23.44%
  • Ingrid NN Indie

    22 34.38%
  • Ingrid and I don't care for/about NNs

    24 37.50%
  • I have some other opinion I'll post about

    1 1.56%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Isidora vs. Ingrid

    Please share your opinions on these names, and any images you have of each. Anything about your impressions would be great.

    They have very different feels to me but I'm not sure which I like more or is generally more acceptable.

    Thoughts on NNs and how you perceive them are also appreciated.
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    I love Ingrid! I think the nn Indie actually kind of takes away from the strength of the name. If I were to use a nn it would probably be Inger. Isidora is also pretty but it is a bit more frilly than I usually respond to.
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    Ingrid is pretty funky! I also like Isidora, although I do prefer Ingrid.

    The nicknames work and make the names more accessible.
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    I like them both though I far prefer the spelling Isadora if in this spelling I'd chose Ingrid
    I don't really understand the nn Indie for Ingrid though that's your choice
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    Isadora is a bit too Isabella for me, and Isidora seems closer to the meaning (gift of Isis)?

    I don't know that we'd consistently use the nicknames but I like the option/flexibility. And was slightly concerned that Isidora is long or Ingrid seems hard/cold, so wanted to present them with short/cute NNs. I was curious to see how they'd poll.

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