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Thread: Choice BNG

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    Choice BNG

    Pick a first and middle name for each child.

    Girl #1 Princess Names, One syllable

    FN: Emma, Alexandra, Elisabeth, Isabella, Anastasia, and Sophie

    MN: Blair, Blythe, Bree, Brooke, and Jade

    Girl #2 Animals, Surnames

    FN: Ariel, Cat, Lark, Rachel, and Robin

    MN: Madison, Mackenzie, Taylor, Riley, and Harper

    Girl #3 Unisex, Unisex

    FN: Avery, Dakota, Harley, Jordan, and Kennedy

    MN: Angel, Hayden, Riley, Reese, and Dylan

    Girl #4 Spirtiual, Nicknames

    FN: Trinity, Charity, Chasity, Destiny, and Eden

    MN: Bea, Emme, Lottie, Kat, and Rosie

    Girl #5 Offbeat, No Nicknames

    FN: Ida, Hazel, Persephone, Aqilina, and Jessamy

    MN: Ava, Skye, Ruby, Piper, and Claire

    Boy #1 X, Vowel

    FN: Xavier, Rex, Maddox, Maximus, and Lennox

    MN: Aaron, Eli, Issac, Owen, and Ulysses

    Boy #2 C, K

    FN: Clayton, Carson, Colby, Cody, and Cory

    MN: Kristopher, Kasey, Kameron, Kale, and Knox

    Boy #3 P, One syllable

    FN: Philip, Phineas, Patrick, Paxton, and Percy

    MN: Lee, Finn, Charles, Cash, and Van

    Boy #4 “Son”, O

    FN: Harrison, Hudson, Jackson, Mason, and Grayson

    MN: Oliver, Oscar, Milo, Nico, and Theo

    Boy #5 Author’s Name, Celebritots

    FN: Tennessee, Rhys, Beckett, Cooper, and Shaw

    MN: Felix, Flynn, Dexter, Bear and Louis

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