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    Our baby will have Leopold as a middle if it's a boy, so I'm biased, but I love it. It is a bit aristocratic but so what? That happens to be my husband's background so I'm not worried and it has such a common European heritage that I don't worry about the Congo connection. It was simply too wide spread to be associated with only one thing for me. I don't mind Leonard but much prefer Leopold and while Maynard hasn't occured to me and does strike me as "old", I actually think you would be cutting edge and I would be delighted to meet a little Maynard. So unexpected!

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    Leopold is a handsome name as is Leo and if you wanted an alternative I would consider Lionel.

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    I really only like Leopold from the names you mentioned. I think it's sweet although the Congo thing I can understand being a problem, I think there are other associations. The nickname Leo is cute. Leonard is not my favorite although there are good associations such as Leonard Bernstein the great composer. It would be a better name if it was not pronounced Len-nard in most English speaking countries.
    Since you like Leo-, you might consider Leo, Leon, Leonardo,(which sounds cooler since the pronunciation is Le-o-nar-do) and
    Leonidas, a name name berry introduced me that may have some biblical connections.

    As for Maynard, Susan and Mike choice it for their son/baby on Desperate Housewives. It got bad reactions from both the other characters on the show and fans at home. It was consider too nerdy although it was a family name. They called him MJ mostly. I would like Maynard better if it had more nickname options in case he doesn't like Maynard. May sounds rather girly. Not my favorite.

    Good Luck!
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    Not a fan of Maynard at all.
    I'm torn on the remaining two, here's why:
    I like Leonard better, but I think with your sibset that Leopold works better.
    Overall though, if it was me, I'd go with Leonard. (Although Leopold has an awesome nn of Leo!) Ugh this one is tough!!

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    I'm biased, but Leonard and Maynard don't have the same appeal to me as Leopold.
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