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    Those Wilderness Loving Boys...


    I'm afraid it's time to put some long loves to rest and it's breaking my heart. Caspian, my dear sweet boy. I've loved Caspian since I was a little girl. However, our children will have SO's last name which just doesn't work with Caspian. It's two syllables, starts with K and ends with N. Think Katlen. I'm also retiring Lochlan, which makes me sad, but Loch is more of a crush than a love, so him I can say goodbye to with some dignity. I've been trying to force Caspian on the list, and telling myself it sounds just fine. The mister is a Kevin, which shouldn't work with his last name, but it does. I think the issue with Caspian is the repeated CA/KA in the first syllable as well as the repeated AN/EN sound at the end.

    I know boys don't get near the attention the girls do, so hopefully I can get some good help here. Personally, I love the boys. I dream of having a house full of boys. We're not yet TTC, so there's time to work through a lot of names. I'm looking for combos, suggestions, feedback, anything at all really. Inspiration. I want to fall in love.

    Our sons will be lovers of nature and wilderness. I certainly can't guarantee that, but I would be shocked if they weren't. They come from a long line of mountain/water/forest men. Imagine you're naming this little boy, as this is pretty close to how I imagine our boys will be:


    Here's their daddy, the love of my life on his beloved mountains. Kevin was born and raised on a mountain in Alaska, and has been climbing them since he started walking. His parents were homesteaders. I'm also including a photo of their uncle (my brother), who will be around them a lot. I'm fairly certain my brother will be a lifetime bachelor, spending weeks at a time lost in the wilderness. My brother and I grew up in a one bedroom log cabin on 150 acres of forest. My boys (and girls, but this is for the boys) will be raised in Alaska, and will be strapped to their daddy on his mountain journeys as soon as he's able to take them.

    First photo is my SO with one of his buddies. SO is on the left. Second photo is my brother. These are to give you an idea of the sort of life my boys will have, and the things the men in their lives will be doing. I spend a lot of time outdoors as well, although I spend an equal amount of time lost in a book. From me, the boys will hopefully inherit a love of words.

    Photos should be bigger if you click on them, although they're just here for you to get a visual feel for who my boys come from. Men in both our families are tall. Slim on his side, broad on my side. Everyone on SO's side is blue eyed, blond or light brown haired, and fair skinned. My side is a blend of blue, green and brown eyes, blond, brown and auburn haired, with mostly fair skin, but the occasional olive skin stone as well.



    My name is Erica, so no names that are similar. Eric, Alaric, etc. Also, trying to stay away from anymore boys' names ending in N as I have a lot of them.

    Names that we're keeping:

    Damian Sparrow (this name is set)

    First names we still love, but they're second tier loves:


    Middles we love:

    Caspian (sniff)
    Hart (a lot of personal meaning to me)
    Huckleberry (again, this has some personal meaning to me)
    Ward (family name)

    Honestly, about 1,000 names, but I'll stop because this is getting long.

    Nature, mythology, literature, Scottish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Spanish names. We're very open to anything in the middle if it resonates with us. First names we're a little more conservative, although not as conservative as most. The girls list in my signature is pretty much perfect (still working on Pandora), to get a feel for what we like. Two or three names are fine, whatever the name needs to feel complete.

    Thanks to anyone who read this entire thing. Brevity has never been a strength with me, so I really appreciate your staying with me to the end.
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