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    Those Wilderness Loving Boys...


    I'm afraid it's time to put some long loves to rest and it's breaking my heart. Caspian, my dear sweet boy. I've loved Caspian since I was a little girl. However, our children will have SO's last name which just doesn't work with Caspian. It's two syllables, starts with K and ends with N. Think Katlen. I'm also retiring Lochlan, which makes me sad, but Loch is more of a crush than a love, so him I can say goodbye to with some dignity. I've been trying to force Caspian on the list, and telling myself it sounds just fine. The mister is a Kevin, which shouldn't work with his last name, but it does. I think the issue with Caspian is the repeated CA/KA in the first syllable as well as the repeated AN/EN sound at the end.

    I know boys don't get near the attention the girls do, so hopefully I can get some good help here. Personally, I love the boys. I dream of having a house full of boys. We're not yet TTC, so there's time to work through a lot of names. I'm looking for combos, suggestions, feedback, anything at all really. Inspiration. I want to fall in love.

    Our sons will be lovers of nature and wilderness. I certainly can't guarantee that, but I would be shocked if they weren't. They come from a long line of mountain/water/forest men. Imagine you're naming this little boy, as this is pretty close to how I imagine our boys will be:


    Here's their daddy, the love of my life on his beloved mountains. Kevin was born and raised on a mountain in Alaska, and has been climbing them since he started walking. His parents were homesteaders. I'm also including a photo of their uncle (my brother), who will be around them a lot. I'm fairly certain my brother will be a lifetime bachelor, spending weeks at a time lost in the wilderness. My brother and I grew up in a one bedroom log cabin on 150 acres of forest. My boys (and girls, but this is for the boys) will be raised in Alaska, and will be strapped to their daddy on his mountain journeys as soon as he's able to take them.

    First photo is my SO with one of his buddies. SO is on the left. Second photo is my brother. These are to give you an idea of the sort of life my boys will have, and the things the men in their lives will be doing. I spend a lot of time outdoors as well, although I spend an equal amount of time lost in a book. From me, the boys will hopefully inherit a love of words.

    Photos should be bigger if you click on them, although they're just here for you to get a visual feel for who my boys come from. Men in both our families are tall. Slim on his side, broad on my side. Everyone on SO's side is blue eyed, blond or light brown haired, and fair skinned. My side is a blend of blue, green and brown eyes, blond, brown and auburn haired, with mostly fair skin, but the occasional olive skin stone as well.



    My name is Erica, so no names that are similar. Eric, Alaric, etc. Also, trying to stay away from anymore boys' names ending in N as I have a lot of them.

    Names that we're keeping:

    Damian Sparrow (this name is set)

    First names we still love, but they're second tier loves:


    Middles we love:

    Caspian (sniff)
    Hart (a lot of personal meaning to me)
    Huckleberry (again, this has some personal meaning to me)
    Ward (family name)

    Honestly, about 1,000 names, but I'll stop because this is getting long.

    Nature, mythology, literature, Scottish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Spanish names. We're very open to anything in the middle if it resonates with us. First names we're a little more conservative, although not as conservative as most. The girls list in my signature is pretty much perfect (still working on Pandora), to get a feel for what we like. Two or three names are fine, whatever the name needs to feel complete.

    Thanks to anyone who read this entire thing. Brevity has never been a strength with me, so I really appreciate your staying with me to the end.
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    Caspian Wilder | Damian Sparrow | Evander Thorn | Everett Lyle Ward
    Ezra Balthasar | Gwydion Alaric Hart | Konrad Peregrine Llyr | Malachi Tristan Bjorn | Phineas Robin Blaise | Theodore Winter

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    Wow cool! I can't see any of your photos, but your words are enough. Sylvan is a particular favorite of mine. It just conjures up forest green and still clearings for me. I'm unclear from your post whether you want feed back on the names you already have or if you want recommendations, but Sylvan is mine.

    As for the names you already have, these a great. Desmond and Theodore are two of my favorites (Theo!). Evander is very handsome. It would be a great middle for either of those names. Desmond Lysander is pretty fantastic.

    How do you feel about Eamon? It's a form of Edmund which gives you the Narnia connection that Caspian had and there's a character named Eamon in the beautiful Irish film The Secret of Roan Inish.

    I also sort of see Adrian for you. It makes me think of the Adriatic sea, which feels comparable to the Caspian Sea.

    I'm realizing I keep giving you names ending in -n. I like windswept, oceany names and for whatever reason they have been ending in -n
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

    Photo by Corey Arnold

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    Thank you sparrowfinch. I've fixed the images. My image hosting website seemed to be down, so I've used NB. Hope that works.

    I love Sylvan, and I've added it to my middle list. Desmond Lysander is a dream. Love it. Definitely a top contender with Des for now. Eamon is wonderful. It's a name I appreciate, but not one that sings to my soul. They either do or they don't. I've known a lot of Adrian's, as well as Adrienne's, so that's out but thank you.

    So I've got:

    Damian Sparrow
    Desmond Lysander

    How do you suppose Tristan sounds with the last name? Tristan Katlen. Does it work? We love Tristan, but it's almost in the Caspian and Lochlan camp, and a little too rhyme-y with the last name, no? I want to love some first names for boys, but am finding that so many of my favorites end in N and aren't working.
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    Pandora Willow Isolde | Petra Leocadia Silver | Sunniva Adar Rhiannon | Thisbe Wildrose

    Caspian Wilder | Damian Sparrow | Evander Thorn | Everett Lyle Ward
    Ezra Balthasar | Gwydion Alaric Hart | Konrad Peregrine Llyr | Malachi Tristan Bjorn | Phineas Robin Blaise | Theodore Winter

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    I really love it when parents have a very clear picture of the kind of name they want for their children, imagery is so important!

    Is it bad that I kind of like Caspian 'katlen'? Cas Katlen, snappy. Could just be me...

    Suggestions from me:

    Munro - type of mountains in Scotland, I know a guy called Munro and while it is initially surprising it is also very cool and unusual. Can have cute nn 'Ro' as well
    Corbett - another type of mountain in Scotland

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    Love the photos and the words! We're pretty similar, both in nature and naming style, so these are lots of my favourites and some new ones I found just for you.

    Alder – the beautiful tree. Alders enriches the soil around where they grow. Alders allow passage between our world and the realm of the faeries. In Irish mythology the first man was made from the alder tree.
    Alphard – the brightest star in Hydra. It means the individual one.
    Aquila - eagle
    Birch – the tree, a symbol of new beginnings.
    Cedar – the evergreen, a symbol of purification and immortality
    Douglas – it means black-green water, a Scottish river
    Evelix – a village in Scotland
    Galingale – the plant, associated with prosperity, psychic powers and used as a good luck charm
    Isbre – Norwegian for glacier (EEZ-breh)
    IvoGerman, “yew”. Cocteau Twins has a jolly song by this name
    Linden – the tree, associated with justice and peace
    Persimmon – the tree, and it’s a flippin cute name. symbolises good luck.
    Polaris – the North Star
    Quest – you like word names right?
    Snowdon – Welsh mountain
    Starling – the bird, associated with warriors. And they like shiny things.
    Windrush – a river in England
    Xiphias – a medieval name for Dorado, the constellation
    Yarrow – the herb. If you put yarrow under your pillow when you sleep you will dream of your true love.
    Ywen – welsh for Yew, the sacred evergreen. Symbolises rebirth and eternal life

    Aegir – the Norse God of the sea
    Albius – Gaulish God of healing
    Amun – the Egyptian God of air and creative force
    Arcas – the son of Callisto and Zeus, king of Arcadia and ursa minor
    Auster – the Roman God of the south wind
    Balder – the beautiful and good son of Odin and Frigg
    Boreas – the Greek God of the North Wind
    Brage – the Norse God of poetry.
    Chiron – the wise centaur in Greek mythology
    Dag/Dagr – personification of the day in Norse mythology.
    Dagan – Mesopotamian God of agriculture
    Faunus – the Roman God of forests and fun (I added the fun bit though…)
    Finvarra – King of the dead (but in a good way if that makes sense)
    Fionn – a great hunter and warrior in Irish myths.
    Forseti – Norse God of justice
    Freyr – Norse God of fertility and the weather
    Hector – the Trojan hero and best man ever (maybe).
    Heimdall – coolest dude in Norse mythology, he had golden teeth and a horse with a golden mane, he had the power of foresight and excellent hearing.
    Hermod/Hermodr – the good and brave son of Odin
    Ingram – Ing’s raven. Ing was a Norse God of fertility.
    Liber – Roman God of agriculture
    Logi – a handsome Norwegian king in Norse mythology. It means fire, he was most likely the personification of fire.
    Loxias – epithet of Apollo
    Lycus – epithet of Apollo
    Mimir – Norse God of Wisdom
    Mithras – a Roman God of mystics and mystery
    Munin – one of Odin’s ravens
    Njord – the Norse God of the sea and seafarers
    Oisin – the story of Oisin and Niamh the faery lady and the land of Tir na NÓg. Sad stuff.
    Satyr – the mythical creature who dances with the nymphs
    Sigurd – a hero in Norse mythology
    Theron – it means wild animal, an epithet of Artemis
    Tyr – Norse God of war and heroism
    Ullr – Norse God of archery
    Valhalla – Norse mythology, where the dead warriors go after their death
    Vanaheim – Norse mythology, one of the nine worlds where the Vanir lives (Vanir are the Gods of fertility and wisdom)
    Wesir – another name for Osiris, the Egyptain God of the Blessed Dead
    Yggdrasil – Norse mythology, the tree of life

    Legends, folklore with a dash of history:
    Agravain – a knight of the round table, according to Mallory
    Algernon – I know I suggest this a lot, but it’s so good. William de Percy’s nickname.
    Amleth – the name of the prince in the legends Shakespeare based Hamlet on.
    Antony – It seems like it would fit your style. I might be too much in love with this name, but it’s so good. Mark Antony.
    Arthur – the king, but I think maybe he’d be on your list already if you liked him?
    Atlantes – a wizard in Charlemagne romances
    Attila – the hun!
    Bayard – an actual French knight, and also a magical horse In some versions of the Charlemagne romances
    Bedevere/Bedivere – one of the knights of the round table, he was the one who returned Excalibur to the lake
    Beowulf – the greatest hero of English legends
    Colgrevance – one of the knights of the RT
    Crosselm – as above
    Dinadan – one of the knights, and quite possibly one of the best one. He was intelligent, kind, funny and fought for a cause (meaning, he was not a brute).
    Emrys – another name for Merlin, the sorcerer in Arthurian romances
    Faramond – the first king of France, it means journey protection
    Gadifer – Arthurian Romance, a Scottish king
    Galahad – the best and most wonderful knight of the RT
    Hama – a great warrior in Germanic legends, as well as the captain of Theoden’s king’s guard in LOTR
    Herla – the leader of the wild hunt in Germanic folklore, identified with Odin
    Herne – “the wild huntsman”, he’s got loads of hounds and is a bit scary. The leader of the wild hunt in English folklore.
    Idris – legendary Welsh magician and astronomer, the Welsh mountain Cadair Idris is named after him
    Lamorak – another knight of the RT, Percival’s brother
    Lanval – have you read this poem by Marie of France? Lanval’s one of Arthur’s knights, not a very favoured one, but he falls in love with a faery and has some fun that way. She makes him promise not to reveal who she is. He must’ve been rather dashing… anyway, Guinevere sets her eyes on him, but because of his faery lover he rejects her. She accuses him of stuff and Lanval breaks his promise and tells the king and queen about his faery. Unlike other stories, this faery girl is not upset, she instead swoops in on her horse and rescues Lanval. Romance!
    Lohengrin – a knight of the RT in Germanic versions of the legends
    Nemroth – the Mesopotamian king and hunter
    Oliver – one of the paladins (Charlemagne’s chief warriors), mr. Mellors in Lady Chatterley’s Lover and the dashing Oliver in Shakespeare’s As You Like It.
    Orlando/Roland – Charlemagne’s warrior leader and focus of the epic poems Orlando Furioso and Orlando Innamorato, as well as the romantic male lead in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Roland is one of the main characters in A.S. Byatt’s Possession
    Paladin – Charlemagne’s chief warriors.
    Palmyra – an ancient city in Syria.
    Pelleas – yet another knight, can you believe that. This one fell in love with miss lady of the lake, Nimue, and she cast a spell on his former lover (as revenge) and Nimue and Pelleas lived the rest of their lives in utter bliss.
    Perion – a love child in an old knightly romance. I don’t remember.
    Pindar – the Greek poet
    Rostam – a Perisan hero
    Sagramore – another knight… it means sacred love
    Tamerlane – English version of Timur, a Turkic warrior.
    Valemon – the beautiful bear in the Norwegian fairy tale White Bear King Valemon.
    Valyant – a king of Wales in Arthurian Romance
    Vortimer – Arhurian Romance, he apparently drove the Saxons out of England
    Wayland – the great smith in English folklore
    Wenceslas – Good King, if you’ll have a Christmas boy
    Wulfing – a clan in Norse legends
    Zoroaster- the Persian philosopher

    Literature and other things:
    Albus – it means white, and I know how much you love snow. It has the added bonus of being Dumbledore’s first name.
    Anselm – it’s simply fabulous! And it means a God’s helmet
    Aragorn – because swoon-a-roo.
    Artegal – TFQ, the personification of justice and lover of Britomart
    Arundel – I just like it. It might mean little swallow.
    Arvid – norse name, it means eagle tree
    Birk – if you’ve read Astrid Lindgren’s Ronja the Robber’s Daughter you will understand why I’m suggesting this for you
    Cadmus – the founder of Thebes, grandfather of Dionysus and the one who introduced the alphabet to the Greeks
    Calidore – TFQ, the Knight of Courtesy.
    Edoras – the capital of Rohan
    Eindride – it sounds amazing
    Emil – again, if you’ve read Astrid Lindgren’s Emil books…
    Faramir – swoon! Romantic, tender, kind hearted and lovely
    Fastred – Tolkien used this for a king of Rohan, but it is an ancient German name meaning firm counsel
    Ferdinand – old German, popular with the Visigoths which makes it perfect for you. Journey/protection + courage/venture. A character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.
    Gustav – a God’s staff
    Harald – one of the most kingly names in Norway, born by some of the most famous ones, and also the present king
    Hugh – don’t know, it’s nice, no?
    Joakim – Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder has a gorgeous Christmas story with a little boy names Joakim in it.
    Johannes - …and an old florist named Johanne
    Lawrence – D.H., Theodore
    Lyulf – it means flame wolf
    Marinell – TFQ, the knight of the sea, son of a water spirit
    Maurus – it means “a moor”
    Melynlas – from the chronicles of Prydain. Melynlas is the grey horse given to Taran.
    Mercutio – from Romeo and Juliet. I think he’s very cool and the name is splendid.
    Olav/Olaf – another Norwegian kingly name, and a name of Vikings.
    Orsino – from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.
    Phileas – from Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days
    Prospero – from Shakespeare’s The Tempest
    Pyramus – the old romance of Pyramus and Thisbe, so much better than Romeo and Juliet.
    Radagast – because he has a sleigh pulled by bunnies
    Ragnar/Ragnor/RainerRagnar’s a Viking name, Ragnor’s a version used by Tolkien for Beren’s loyal companion and Rainer’s Rilke’s first name.
    Ranulph – wolf shield or raven wolf. Ranulph Fiennes is an amazing adventurer
    RobinRobin Hood and Christopher Robin
    Rohan – the land of the horse people in LOTR
    Snorre – the Icelandic writer who wrote epic pieces on the Norwegian Viking kings
    Sondre – Norwegian name, means south
    Strider – see Aragorn
    Theodred – Theoden’s son in LOTR, it’s a real medieval name.
    Vetle – Norwegian name, it means winter fearer
    Wystan – W.H. Auden’s given name.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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