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    The name Barrow....

    Okay, so my husband is named after his father. Their names are Barry Joe and Barry Joe II. Personally, I do not want to have a III, so I came to the compromise to keep the name initials. I fell in love with the name Barrow as a modern twist on their names. What do you think??

    Middle name will more than likely be Jude.
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    I like it a lot! Makes me think of the town in Alaska.
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    I love Jude

    However when I see Barrow all I see is wheelbarrow so I am not a fan.
    Maybe try another name similar to Barry- Bartlett, Bartholomew etc...

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    Hmm, I kind of like it. At first I thought it was pronounced like the word borrow. But then I found its pronunciation. If its pronounced the way I think it is not like Borrow then I like Barrow Jude! Its a cool and different name which I always like.
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    It's already growing on me. It's a cool name. Modern choice for keeping the name in the family

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