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    Rules BNG

    Talk Show Host Name - First name of a grandma/grandpa + Your best friend’s last name:

    Pop Star Name - A jewel + Name of a mountain:

    Secret Spy Name - Old fashioned name + Your favourite color:

    Rock Star Name - A current pets name + A hard object:

    Band Name - Favorite day + Favorite weather:

    Science Fiction Name - First four letters of your Mom’s name added to the last three of your last name:

    Royal Name - Pick a royal title + First name of your favourite actor or actress:

    Stand-up Comedian Name - One syllable name + An animal:

    Villain Name - A name ending in Y + A number:

    Hippie Name - Favorite flower + Something that rhymes with your first name:

    Sports Star Name - Middle name of a friend + Last name of an actor/ess in the last movie you watched:

    Policeman Name - Favorite cousin + Favorite food:

    Movie Star Name - Two syllable name + Last name of a favourite teacher:

    Soap Opera Name - First or second name of a singer + An object in the room you’re in:

    Futuristic Name - Add any three letters to the first three letters of your name:

    Fairy Name - A spice + A jewel:

    Professor Name - Professor + Favorite chocolate:

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