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Thread: Rules BNG

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    Nov 2012
    Talk Show Host Name - Edith White
    Pop Star Name - Topaz St Helens
    Secret Spy Name - Sylvia Blue
    Rock Star Name - Blaze Marble
    Band Name - Friday Sunshine
    Science Fiction Name - Angeans
    Royal Name - Princess Angelina
    Stand-up Comedian Name - Quinn Moose
    Villain Name - Brady 57
    Hippie Name - Hydrangea Smashly
    Sports Star Name - Lynn Downey
    Policeman Name - James Lasagna
    Movie Star Name - Yardley Harris
    Soap Opera Name - Mariah Atlas
    Futuristic Name - Omiash
    Fairy Name - Turmeric Sapphire
    Professor Name - Professor Twix

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    Dec 2013
    Talk Show Host: Barbara Turner

    Pop Star: Emerald Washington

    Secret Spy: Bertram Yellow

    Rockstar - Tate Rock

    Band- Tuesday Rain

    Science Fiction: Tres Ith

    Royal Name: King Morgan

    Stand-up Comedian: John Cougar

    Villain: Barney Seven

    Hippie: Rose Lisa

    Sports Star: Marie Hanks

    Policeman: Nathan Salad

    Movie Star: Betsy Henson

    Soap Opera: Jared Lamp

    Futuristic Name - Noelan

    Fairy: Coriander Ruby

    Professor Name: Dexter Milk

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    Apr 2013
    Talk Show Host Name - Louis Schnelting
    Pop Star Name - Jade Denali
    Secret Spy Name - Calvin Green
    Rock Star Name - Sadie Rock
    Band Name - Friday Cloudy
    Science Fiction Name - Susalch
    Royal Name - Princess Emma
    Stand-up Comedian Name - Kai Wolf
    Villain Name - Felicity Six
    Hippie Name - Lilly Melissa
    Sports Star Name - Lawrence Heart
    Policeman Name - Dalton Crab
    Movie Star Name - Willow MacDonald
    Soap Opera Name - Cassidy Lighter
    Futuristic Name - Alyzio
    Fairy Name - Sage Emerald
    Professor Name - Professor Reeses

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    dannilynnalexis Guest
    Talk Show Host Name - Ingrid Mobley
    Pop Star Name – Jade Rocky
    Secret Spy Name – Mary Blue
    Rock Star Name – Buddy Chair
    Band Name - Wednesday Sunny
    Science Fiction Name - Peneore
    Royal Name – Princess Jen
    Stand-up Comedian Name – Jace Tiger
    Villain Name – Malachy Seven
    Hippie Name - Magnolia Gwendolyn
    Sports Star Name – Dylan LaBeouf
    Policeman Name - Abigail Fry
    Movie Star Name – Mallie Deaton
    Soap Opera Name – Gwen Table
    Futuristic Name - Danjou
    Fairy Name – Sage Emerald
    Professor Name - Professor Hershey

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    Jan 2013
    Talk Show Host Name:
    Diane Mac Gregor

    Pop Star Name:
    Jade Everest

    Secret Spy Name:
    Theodora White

    Rock Star Name:
    Sherlock Stone

    Band Name:
    Tuesday Sun

    Science Fiction Name:
    ◦ Tanylan

    Royal Name:
    ◦ Duchess Grace

    Stand-up Comedian Name:
    Elle Kitten

    Villain Name:
    Emily Seven

    Hippie Name:
    Lily Myer

    Sports Star Name:
    Violet Phipps

    Policeman Name:
    Olivia Penne

    Movie Star Name:
    Emma Chapman

    Soap Opera Name:
    Adele Flower

    Futuristic Name:

    Fairy Name:
    Rosemary Amber

    Professor Name::
    ◦ Professer Ghiradelli
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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