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    Quote Originally Posted by katieydenberg View Post
    I didn't mean to suggest that you hadn't researched the pros & cons, or that a mother's comfort isn't important (I think it's very important) during childbirth. In my area the whole "holistic birthing" ideal is becoming very popular recently & some women are being swayed toward that without considering carefully the possible consequences. I do like to take a non-medicinal/drug free approach as much as I can, I grow my own medicinal herbs and use home remedies and whatnot whenever possible - and I do feel that birthing with the aid of a midwife as opposed to an OB is much more likely to result in a healthy & safe birth experience for me & my baby. Our hospital stay with our first daughter was horrendous. What was a totally easy, quick, natural spontaneous vagnial delivery- with a healthy baby- ended up becoming complicated (and landed our daughter in the NNICU) after the fact due to negligence of the hospital staff. I wanted very much to have this baby at home and to never go through the hospital system again unless I absolutely had to - but once I spoke with my doctor (who delivered me himself, is very experienced & I trust & have known all my life), I decided to compromise in order to give my baby the very best chance of survival. I still intend to use little or no drug assistance, no epidural & no cesarean unless it is absolutely necessary. Of course, you're in the states & I'm from Canada so our hospital & midwifery system may be quite different. We don't have to pay for our hospital stay during childbirth the way you have to in the USA - maybe if we did that would tip the scales a bit in the Home Birth direction.
    Anyway, nobody can make your decisions for you, and if you have decided for whatever reasoning that if & when the time comes having your baby at home is what is best for him/her, of course that is your right as a mother. I just wanted to state why my husband and I decided a midwife assisted hospital birth would be best for our baby.
    No offence meant & hopefully none taken.

    No offense taken at all!! Just wanted to clarify my position after realizing I didn't really come across accurately in my first post about it.

    In the US where we are, it would probably cost $10,000-20,000 for a healthy birth in a hospital, much more if a cesarean is necessary IIRC. The home birth midwife we will likely be using charges $3,500 for all prenatal care and the birth. We are obviously willing to pay whatever is necessary to have the healthiest birth situation possible, but after weighing the pros and cons and deciding a home birth was a good option for us, the cost difference was definitely a pleasant pro, haha. We know which hospital we will end up going to if our plans were to fall through, and I believe it is lower cost than the others in our area, and they take a more holistic approach.

    A girlfriend of mine had her baby at a birthing center. They charge $5,000-$6,000 there, and that includes a waterbirthing tub and lots of other nice amenities if you want to call them that. We haven't met with those midwives and won't until we are actually preggo, but I know my friend's experience there was awesome. The birthing center option also sounds awesome for those wanting a natural birth not in a hospital setting.

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    to the original poster-

    it's great to get ideas from others and hear their experience. You can also find lots of birth stories various places online if you want more information about natural birth and what it is like. There are even some Baby Story episodes that feature nature births. You should continue to read more about it and see what you feel is right for you. Your doctor won't be able to tell you (unless he/she sees a medical need for a C-section or operating room delivery due to the babies positions, the placenta position, etc.) if it's the right choice for you. I hate to assume, but if I were a doctor and a patient told me they had 2 prior deliveries with an epidural and now they were having twins and wondering if they should try a natural birth -- I'd be inclined to say "no." If they came to me and said they were determined to try a natural birth because X, Y, and Z despite having only experienced medicated births before, I would be more inclined to say "yes, try it and I will help you work on a birth plan"

    Alot of it DOES have to do with pain tolerance, but there are ways to get around that. Laboring in the water can help. Hypnosis is popular. You could hire a birth coach or doula -- lots of options if you are worried about dealing with the pain.

    I have two sets of twins and I can tell you that it's 100% possible to have a natural birth with twins, but you are going to face alot of "battles" and if you aren't confident in your own decision, it may not be worth battling honestly. What I mean is if you are really sure what type of birth you want and why you want a natural birth... go for it. If you are just toying with the idea and wonder what it might be like or not really personally convicted that it is the only or best choice for you, maybe you would be best to have an epidural or whatever your physician recommends to make it most comfortable and manageble for both you and the doctor. I'm not trying to scare you off from having a natural birth with twins, but because of my strong beliefs that I be allowed to at least TRY a natural vaginal birth with my twins, I had a tough search to find an OB... I saw 4 different people during my first twin pregnancy because the others told me they had rules for twin pregnancy/births and they didn't mesh with my personal plans. So, just to warn you, you might already be too late in the game. (the disagreements btw were not so much about natural / no epidural -- they were more related to C-section scheduling, bedrest rules/plans/requirements, induction, and how the labor would be "managed")
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    I had my oldest three as home births. I didn't have any drugs with those.
    I had the twins at a hospital (I just felt that I needed that) and had them with no meds.

    There is pain, the amount depends on the birth.

    For me I have always had a high tolerance for pain but had to mentally trick myself into believing that pain meds weren't an option. I've always been an out of sight out of mind person.
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