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    I had both my kids without epidurals. It was painful and really painful right before it was time to start pushing but I was too scared of the needle the first time and delayed requesting an epidural. And once I requested it they realized it was time for me to push. I am very happy that I didn't have one during pushing because I only pushed for a short time with both kids and know many people who got an epidural and then had trouble with pushing leading to them pushing for an hour or more. I also liked that once the birth was over there wasn't anything in my system and both babies nursed very well from the start.
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    I planned on a natural birth with my first. I was totally dedicated and 110% confident, had a midwife at a birth center, took classes, did all the "right" things - and it was horrific. I could never have imagined that level of agony and exhaustion, especially since everyone told me how empowering and beautiful natural birth is. Plus, all those interventions I was set on avoiding could have really helped my labor. I'm definitely getting the epidural right away next time!

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    I'll chime in. I will never take pain medication in child birth. It is simply not a risk I am prepared to take. I have litigated a number of medical malpractice suits on epidurals and have done extensive research into the ramifications and am just not comfortable incurring any risk that can be avoided, especially if the pain relief is only for my own comfort. (I'm fine with risks that have corresponding medical benefits) For my last pregnancy I was very well prepared, I took an intensive Bradley Method course, followed a strict diet and exercise regime and ultimately did not take any pain relief medication. I did this despite the fact that I was induced, had a hyper-sensitive reaction to Pitocin and had one single contraction that lasted 11 hours because they could not get my uterus to release. The pain was very manageable because I was informed and prepared for it. I agree that it is not like an injury. I have pregnancy induced gall bladder disease with this pregnancy and the pain is easily 10X worse than my last (even artificially strong) labour. I also like the sports metaphor that it is like running a marathon, if you woke up one day and said out of nowhere, "I'm going to run a marathon", you wouldn't likely be successful but if you are prepared it is very manageable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennifermariska View Post
    I was the opposite of you- I was dead set on a natural birth because I'm petrified of needles and catheters! Our bodies are designed to go through childbirth and pain is really not the worst thing in the world- especially pain that you know will end once the baby's out!
    Me too. I feel exactly the same as this.

    But I went in with an open mind, knowing that if it became too much I'd ask for drugs and not beat myself up about it. I wasn't going to turn myself into a martyr if I really couldn't cope but luckily I managed to pull through without needing anything. If the pain had become unmanageable I wouldn't have opposed intervention.

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    I had an epidural with my daughter, not so much because of the pain - it wasn't that horrible - but because I had a very long labor and hasn't slept in over 48 hours as contractions were keeping me awake.

    I'm VERY glad I made that choice. After a very very long early labor and active labor that moved very slowly, I got the epidural and progressed quickly (and slept!). When my water finally broke, their was meconium. I think if I had tried to stick to a natural birth, the extra few hours may have been extremely dangerous for my baby.

    I don't want to scare anyone out of a natural birth, if everything goes smoothly I think that's the best option. But I also want to say that it's important to know when modern medicine can be beneficial...even though I had no noticeable issues during labor, trying to hold out for a very long labor would have been the wrong choice.

    I had zero side effects from the epidural, I didn't feel it go in (although staying still through contractions was awful) and I only pushed for I think 17 minutes.
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