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    Question Natural birth...?

    I delivered both my son and daughter with an epidural and I've just always thought it was the right decision.
    I'm not big on pain and I thought it's what's best for me and my body. Throughout this pregnancy so far, I just assumed I'd be doing the same with delivering the twins.
    However, I came across an article the other day about it and the pros of it seemed really good to me. ..I've never really done research on the subject before now.
    I'm still hesitant because of pain...but it's something I am definitely looking into now. Especially if it's better for me and the boys.
    I am aware that I may need a c-section but I plan on not doing it unless I have to. I'd really rather not.

    I guess I'm looking for more information, other than just 'facts in an article'
    I will be talking to my doctor about this and seeing if he thinks it's the best decision for me or not.
    But for those who have gone through this, or even those who haven't, any advice? I'm really stuck on this. I want to make the right decision.
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