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    Question Natural birth...?

    I delivered both my son and daughter with an epidural and I've just always thought it was the right decision.
    I'm not big on pain and I thought it's what's best for me and my body. Throughout this pregnancy so far, I just assumed I'd be doing the same with delivering the twins.
    However, I came across an article the other day about it and the pros of it seemed really good to me. ..I've never really done research on the subject before now.
    I'm still hesitant because of pain...but it's something I am definitely looking into now. Especially if it's better for me and the boys.
    I am aware that I may need a c-section but I plan on not doing it unless I have to. I'd really rather not.

    I guess I'm looking for more information, other than just 'facts in an article'
    I will be talking to my doctor about this and seeing if he thinks it's the best decision for me or not.
    But for those who have gone through this, or even those who haven't, any advice? I'm really stuck on this. I want to make the right decision.
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    I had both of mine naturally, and it was definitely the right decision for me. I mean, sure it hurt, but I wasn't really focusing on the pain at the time; I was more concerned with focusing on getting them out lol. Also, I found the stress of the hospital experience to be worse than the pain. #2, born at home, was a great experience.

    I have heard that the epidural makes it harder to know what you're doing since you can't feel anything. I think that would be horrible. I very much want to be in tune with my body during birth. I also don't understand why doctors push pain medication during labor&delivery when women are instructed to be very careful about what they put into their bodies during the entire pregnancy. I have heard so many women talk about how out of it their babies were after birth plus trouble with breastfeeding etc. from the drugs in their system. And I'm not judging anyone! Just wondering about anecdotal evidence.

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    I was the opposite of you- I was dead set on a natural birth because I'm petrified of needles and catheters! Our bodies are designed to go through childbirth and pain is really not the worst thing in the world- especially pain that you know will end once the baby's out!
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    I expected childbirth to be far more painful than it was. I'm not opposed to drugs so I did have a couple local morphine injections which helped with the pain but made me very nauseous and resulted in some issues later (baby was too sleepy & didn't nurse & then dropped temperature) since it was applied too close to delivery. I didn't have an epidural or anything but my labour was fairly quick and my baby was only 6 lbs.

    This time I'm going with a midwife led hospital delivery & hoping that if I do end up taking any medications they will be absolutely necessary and properly administered.
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    I delivered a breech baby naturally with no epidural or pain medications. I was most surprised that it was not as painful as I thought it would be. It wasn't even the most painful thing I've felt in my life. To me, the pain of childbirth felt more like the pain of working out really hard, rather than the pain of being hurt. But, I may not have had a particularly painful labor. I'm sure the pain can vary from labor to labor.

    In my opinion, mental preparation is a big part of it. If you're expecting a lot of pain and don't know any techniques to help deal with it, it will probably hurt a lot more than if you train yourself with coping techniques, both mental and physical. Support people are really important too.

    I think delivering without the epidural was the best decision for me. Especially in the case of a breech baby when I needed to push him out FAST, it would have been really difficult to push properly if I was numbed from the epidural. Even without the epidural, it took me a few contractions to figure out how to push effectively. (In the end I pushed him out in 20 minutes).

    I would ask your doctor to find out what's best for you. I don't know anything about birthing twins. I don't even know how they deliver them naturally. It sounds more complicated than breech to me, but again I don't know.

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