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    Middle Name for Juno

    My partner and I are ttc.
    I have fallen in love with the first name Juno.
    I am having trouble selecting potential middles from this list.

    Juno Magnolia
    Juno Iona
    Juno Evangeline
    Juno Yaël
    Juno Penelope
    Juno Zoë
    Juno Skye
    Juno Imogen
    Juno Elisabeth
    Juno Noémie
    Juno Cassia
    Juno Thea

    Would some of you let me know which ones you like or don't like?
    I'm also open to other suggestions which you think might suit the name.

    I feel like I don't know what sounds good anymore!

    Thank you! x

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    Hi @haileylauren! Juno is wonderful! Classy, strong and feminine!
    Juno Magnolia - make a great set if you want to balance the power of Juno itself
    Juno Iona - Iona doesn't stant in a row with Juno, and there are to many vovel sounds
    Juno Evangeline - spunky, like it
    Juno Yaël - it depends on how do you want to pronounce 'Yael'
    Juno Penelope - wonderful set
    Juno Zo - not really
    Juno Skye - I'm a great fan of scottish unisex names, like Doon and Skye and mixing them with strong classical Juno seems to be perfect for me
    Juno Imogen - no. Imogen it's too different naming style
    Juno Elisabeth - see Juno Magnolia
    Juno Noémie - see Juno Zo
    Juno Cassia do not sound good together
    Juno Thea - Thea doesn't give the name Juno the accurate feminine balance

    Juno Pearl
    Juno Lake
    Juno Hope

    All the best!
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    Love Juno! To me, Juno can take on a word-name quality, even though it clearly is not one, so pairing it with word-word names like Magnolia and Skye feels a little forced to me. I happen to love Juno Cassia the most, with second place going to Juno Thea depending on the length of the surname - but I actually love Juno and Thea as sister names! I'd avoid Iona and Noemie because they share sounds with Juno. Others you may like:

    If the surname is longer...

    Juno Belle
    Juno Clare
    Juno Faye
    Juno Liv
    Juno Maeve
    Juno Pearl

    If your surname is in the middle or shorter...

    Juno Abilene
    Juno Bellamy
    Juno Beatrix
    Juno Cecelia
    Juno Celeste
    Juno Freya
    Juno Gwyneth
    Juno Kerensa
    Juno Leila
    Juno Laurel
    Juno Maris
    Juno Melita
    Juno Miranda
    Juno Paxton
    Juno Phoebe
    Juno Regina
    Juno Raina
    Juno Sylvie
    Juno Sarina
    Juno Therese
    Juno Tamsin
    Juno Violet
    Juno Vivien
    Juno Verity
    Juno Zelda

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    This was the one I liked, Juno Imogen.

    Since you like Cassia, would you consider Juno Cassidy? I like this combo together. Sounds like a famous person!

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