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    I agree with @Mischa Rose is much more fresher as a first name every second kid on the block has Grace, Marie or Rose as a middle. All very lovely, classic names on your list but I think Norah is the freshest and I like the spelling you choose.
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    I love the idea of using Vivianne, Elizabeth or Rose to honor your family.

    My favorite combo would be Norah Vivianne or Vivianne Norah. I can't think of a nn for Norah but you could use Eleanora nn Nora. Eleanora Rose is beautiful.

    I also like Elizabeth and Charlotte too. Elizabeth Rose is sweet. I love the nickname Coco for Charlotte. It's very cute.

    I like Isabella and Olivia but the popularity personally bothers me.

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    You have a really great list! I would personally go with either Vivianne or Rose up front. Rose Vivianne would be so sweet. I think Elizabeth lacks a bit of spunk in comparison to your other names.
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    Sophia and Elizabeth is nice- but Vivianne ( or other spelling variants ) would be my choice. Honors relatives and is an awesome name.
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    Oh I'm partial to Norah. I have a Sophia and Nora, and I love them both so much! I am having a hard time picking out a 3rd name (boy and girl) that I love as much. Good Luck! All are very pretty.

    nn for Norah? I can't help there- I don't think Norah needs a nn

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