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    Honest opinions on my list! :)

    Hello all! I am hoping to get honest (but kind) opinions on our baby girl list. Big sister is Sophia Adele. New baby girl is going to be Elizabeth Rose (we are 99% sure We are still considering our options and aren't checking anything off the list yet! Thanks!

    Elizabeth...front runner for sure. Family name, classic, romantic without being frilly, beautiful...nn are plentiful! mothers favorite name. She has passed so I would like to use this somewhere to honor her. I love it simplicity and nature names.

    Isabella...hubby loves this names. It is beautiful. But I don't like nn Izzy/Bella...hubby does. I prefer Isabel (I think! ha!) mother and grandmothers name (although neither now when by it) I love this name!! I love the nn Vivi. I think it's so sweet and goes will with Sophia...Sophia and Vivi!

    Olivia...hubby is suddenly liking this one. I also think it's beautiful but I'm not wire I love it. I do like that fact that we could still use the nn Vivi to honer family.

    Norah...this is a name I just can't seem to let go of. I love it...sweet, unused, rolls off the tongue and had a great meaning. Sophia and Norah sound like sisters to me. Hubby loves nn's so I love to hear options for that!

    Charlotte...this is a names that has a lot of personal meaning to me. NN Charlie/Lottie/Coco maybe? This is another names I can't let go of! I just looove it!

    Thanks so much! I appreciate your opinions!

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    Goodness! You really can't go wrong with any of your names. They are all lovely. I would drop Isabella simply due to popularity. I literally hear this one every time I leave the house. My favs are Elizabeth, Rose, Norah, and Charlotte.

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    Sophia Adele and Elizabeth Rose are lovely together
    I also really like Sophia and Norah
    Sophia and Rose

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    Well as someone above posted you can't wrong with any of these choices. There are all really beautiful.
    The only negative thing and I say this as someone who doesn't care about this thing and who doesn't actually dislike any of the choices you have in front of you, is popularity.
    The numbers in the USA, which I assume you are from unless otherwise are as follows:
    Out of the top 100 you names rank as follows:
    Isabella is #3 and used to be #1. Isabelle without the a is #126.
    Olivia is #4 and has been in the top 10 for a long time. It's gorgeous, but very popular.
    Elizabeth spelled like this is #10. It just made it into the 2012 top ten by 1 birth. Ironically I know a little Elizabeth born in 2012. It's also super popular, but has lots of nickname.
    Charlotte is #19 and rising. It has top ten potential.
    Nora without the h is #107 and rising. It will be top 100 this year. When you say the name, the h doesn't affect pronunciation. Norah with the h is number #210 and jumped 52 slots last from #262. She's less popular than your other names, but by no means rare especially if you add spellings.
    Vivianne I never seen that spelling. I have seen Vivian and Vivien and Vivienne. It's interesting.
    Vivian spelled like this is #140
    Vivien this spelling left the 1000 in 1941.
    Vivienne spelled like this is #322 and rising. It jumped 60 places last year.
    Rose is #260 and rising.

    I think all of your names choices are wonderful.
    My favorites are Elizabeth, Vivianne, and Rose. I don't think of any your name choices are rare or underused and the ones that are less popular are rising so to be very used soon. Still I think your choices are lovely. I also like Rosemary for you although I understand if you prefer something else.
    Good Luck!
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    Sophia Adele is very pretty. You obviously don't have any issue with name popularity. Here are my thoughts on your name list with my faves in bold.

    Elizabeth - classic and timeless with loads of nicknames.

    Rose - I like this name as a first name rather than just a "filler" mn. I can overlook the "So-Ro" beginnings since the name honours your late mother.

    Isabella - beautiful but predictable. How many families have the same sibset of Sophia and Isabella (the two top names in the US for years now. I prefer Isabel or Isobel.

    Vivianne - I prefer the Vivian spelling but if this spelling honours family then go for it!

    Olivia - pretty but predictable. How many families have Sophia and Olivia. I don't like the shared "ia" endings either.

    Norah - I prefer the the original Nora spelling. So and No aren't ideal.

    Charlotte: - My favourite on your list. Elegant and ladylike and an added bonus is that it has meaning for you. I love Lottie for a nickname.
    All the best,

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