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    Opinions on Lincoln??

    Hey guys! I love the name Lincoln, but for a girl! I know it's very unusual, but what do you guys think?!? I have the name Lincoln Olivia, but my DH is scared it might be a little too out there!
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    I really don't like it for a girl, it has so many masculine qualities that I don't think it transfers well. It doesn't have a girly nickname, either, which is how I think a lot of male names got to the girls' side.

    What about Kennedy? Or Sutton? Maybe the Irish Liadan?

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    I would be very surprised to meet a girl named Lincoln, the name is all boy to me. It is a popular boys name at that. There are a lot of little Linc's where I live. I think Olivia is beautiful and if you do choose a boy name for your daughter, I think a feminine name as a middle would be a must. I had a friend named Alex growing up that always got put in boy's PE at the beginning of the school year and hated it. I think a feminine middle name would make those sort of issues less likely.

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    Thanks! Yeas I understand I would HAVE to have a girly middle name! And @_nora_ I love Sutton! I haven't heard that either!

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    Lincoln Olivia (surname)? Hopefully your last name's first initial doesn't spell anything (LOW, LOP, etc) and that it's single syllable.
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