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    Stressed out. Name help!

    Hey Ladies! I need some major help with naming this baby! We don't know the gender, and my husband and I have a lot of names to narrow down! Any commentary, suggestions, or help you can give will be very much appreciated!


    Odette (I like Odette Claire! Maybe even just call her Claire then!)

    Anastasia (Sasha, Stas)

    Genevieve (Evie)























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    No sibling names to work with!

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    Odette - Pretty. I tend to think if you will call the child something all the time, though, use that as her first name. I actually think Claire Odette has a prettier flow, too, so that would be a lovely combination.
    Anastasia - I like the nn Sasha. I wonder if Anastasia will boom the way the Twilight names did; I sort of think of 50 Shades of Grey when I hear this name...
    Genevieve - Gorgeous.
    Juliet - Gorgeous.
    Lundyn - I don't see how this fits into your style of otherwise traditionally spelled, feminine, vintage names. Is this a family name? Unless it has family meaning, I'd steer clear. No one would ever spell this right. Changing the spelling means it doesn't even connote the lovely city of London. If you can't stomach London as an actual name, then mayyyybe Londyn would work, but Lundyn just looks all clunky and wrong to me.
    Maggie - I like this as a nickname, but it feels a little incomplete as a full name. Moreover, it might get caught up in the growing sea of Maddies. Do you like Margaret, Magnolia, Marguerite, etc?
    Victoria - Classic, lovely.
    Wren - Quiet, pretty.
    Willow - Trendy, but pretty and natural.
    Leighton - Again, seems very modern with all the other feminine names you have. You noted that there are no sibling names to cohere to with this name. Next time around, having a Leighton already would make unusual, old-fashioned feminine names like Odette and Genevieve seem very girly. Just a thought. Otherwise, a fine choice.


    Beckham - Seems very celeb. I think of the David. Beckett?

    Cade - Doesn't feel complete or solid to me. I like the sound, but it feel like a shorter version of Cayden (and Jayden, Brayden, Grayden, Kayden, Zayden...)
    Elijah - Strong, rooted, doesn't feel old or fussy.
    Leo - Sleek, easy to spell, classy, rooted.
    Luke - Handsome, straightforward, strong.
    Miles - I've always loved Miles. I like that it has a subtle travel association, like adventuring, covering the miles...
    Forrest - Another great, underused classic.
    Wells - Totally dig it. Wells feels like a hidden gem: strong, spell-able, rough-and-tumble, thoughtful.
    Aidan - Nice sound...that everyone is using these days (again, Aiden/Ayden/Aidan, Cayden, Brayden, Kayden, Zayden, Grayden, Hayden...)
    Channing - I like Channing. I also think Banning is great.
    Avery - Love on a boy.
    Ames - I like Ames a lot. Original, simple, sturdy.
    Pete - I love Peter, but personally find Pete a dated nickname.

    I would say Claire Odette, Genevieve Leighton, or Wren Juliet would be lovely ladies; Wells Elijah, Miles Avery, Peter Wells, or Forrest Luke would all be handsome young boys.

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    Let's go down the list shall we?

    Odette (I like Odette Claire! Maybe even just call her Claire then!) - Your instinct to go with Claire seems like a good one.

    Anastasia (Sasha, Stas) - Go with Sasha

    Genevieve (Evie) - a little too on-trend

    Juliet - fashionable classic

    Lundyn - London? Feels invented and dated/won't age well.

    Maggie - retro chic

    Victoria - royal names are pretty popular now

    Wren - very cool/ahead of the curve. Middle name possibility?

    Willow - Willa sounds fresher?

    Leighton - I'm not sure it will age well.


    Beckham - Always associated with David Beckham.

    Cade - I don't see this on a resume.

    Elijah - Biblical classic

    Leo - hipster

    Luke - overused classic

    Miles - perfect balance of not too weird and not too common

    Forrest - masculine botanical

    Wells - perhaps better as a middle name?

    Aidan - overexposed

    Channing - Associated with Tatum or Carol

    Avery - leaning towards the girls

    Ames - Aims? Amos sounds more interesting.

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    Great list of names, and congrats!

    My favorite girls names off your list are Anastasia, Genevieve, Juliette and Wren. Depending on the last name though, I also like Wren as a middle name. Anastasia has great nn options, as does Genevieve.

    My favorite boys names from your list are Luke, Miles, Ames and Channing. Although there is the obvious strong association with Channing Tatum.... as long as you don't mind something like that. Ames is very cute, but I worry that some people might pronounce it like Amos... just a thought.

    Best of luck

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