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    Stressed out. Name help!

    Hey Ladies! I need some major help with naming this baby! We don't know the gender, and my husband and I have a lot of names to narrow down! Any commentary, suggestions, or help you can give will be very much appreciated!


    Odette (I like Odette Claire! Maybe even just call her Claire then!)

    Anastasia (Sasha, Stas)

    Genevieve (Evie)






















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    Oh and no sibling names to work with (:

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    Odette - not my favorite, but it makes a nice middle name
    Anastasia - very pretty. My favorite nickname for it is Asia.
    Genevieve - Cute, I love French names
    Juliet - beautiful! Lovely spelling as well.
    Lundyn - no no no no no no please no. If you like these name, at least spell it London. Lundyn looks trashy, sorry!
    Maggie - cute! may have a problem aging, though, so I'd prefer Margaret nn Maggie, or Margo nn Maggie.
    Victoria - Pretty, elegant, and timeless.
    Wren - I prefer it on a boy, but it isn't bad at all.
    Willow - nice enough.
    Leighton - Pretty, I like it.

    Beckham - nice, except you'd get a billion people asking about David Beckham & Co
    Cade - Cute, but feels incomplete, like it is a nickname for something.
    Elijah - Like this a lot, and I love the nn Eli
    Leo - again, feels sort of incomplete. Still cute, though.
    Luke - handsome.
    Miles - not a fan at all, sorry
    Forrest - like this a lot. Handsome
    Wells - not my style
    Aidan - I like it, but it is uber popular. I'd use it as a middle name.
    Channing - I don't think this will be much aside from Channing Tatum.
    Avery - handsome, but these days it is most likely to be used on girls.
    Ames - Eames I believe is the proper spelling. Nice enough name, it would be good with a sister named Genevieve.
    Pete - I love Peter, but Pete is not my style and it feels incomplete

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    @_nora_ Thanks so much! And Asia for Anastasia?? I never heard that before! I love it!

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    Odette - I like Odette Claire too! I like this name.

    Anastasia (Sasha, Stas) - One name to avoid. The "Fifty Shades of Gray" film will be out next year and then watch the name skyrocket up the charts.

    Genevieve (Evie) - One of my favourite French names. Sophisticated and chic. Odette and Genevieve - magnifique!

    Juliet - A Shakepearean gem.

    Lundyn - were doing so well. What happened? London is bad enough but sorry to say that this is terrible.

    Maggie - only as a nickname

    Victoria - ok but overused

    Wren - better in the middle spot.

    Willow - soft and pretty but I prefer it as a middle name.

    Leighton - I prefer it on a boy because I knew a male with this name.

    Combo Suggestions

    Juliet Wren
    Odette Wren
    Victoria Leighton
    Genevieve Willow


    Beckham - Harsh and I'm not a fan of the Beckhams

    Cade - Trendy

    Elijah - I prefer just Eli or Elias.

    Leo - my favourite on your boys list. It has depth and history with loads of spunk! -

    Luke - I like this name. It's strong and masculine with no-nonsense attitude!

    Miles - I prefer Milo which is the older name but this is fine too!

    Forrest- Ok but Forrest Gump is still around!

    Wells - Better in the middle spot

    Aidan - overused

    Channing - Sounds pompous and pretentious

    Avery - I do like this for a boy even if it's gone to the girls in North America.

    Ames - better as a middle name

    Pete - only as a mn for Peter. Pete doesn't give a boy many options. He could never revert back to Peter when he matures and outgrows Pete.

    Combo Suggestions

    Miles Avery
    Leo Wells
    Luke Channing
    All the best,

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