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    Wasn't a fan of the name before as Emery reminds me of Emory (ie Emory board aka nail file) and Emery Laine sounded like a street.
    But that Memory Lane connection made it even more over the top.

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    I really like Emery! I didn't get the memory lane thing but maybe Emery Ann or Emery Elaine might help you avoid that connection
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    Great names! But not together, memory lane jumped to my head so quick I had to re-read the name to make sure I wasn't making something up!
    Everly is a great substitute but not with Laine due to the repetitious 'l' sound. I do love Laine so hopefully you find a combination with it that you love!

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    Thank you

    I really appreciate the suggestions...especially because I'm due in less than a week! We started off loving Elliott, but have ruled it out as it could be a burden for a little girl. I love Elliana, but my husband is neutral. He really likes Emery and I like it, although I don't love the idea of her becoming Emi. Still looking for a middle name if we go with that. But really we are open to anything at this point, so keep the suggestions coming!

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    I have a horrible association with the name Emery because of Stephen King's Rose Red. Most people probably don't have that association.

    That aside, the memory lane thing didn't even click for me til sometime else said it.

    I don't think its silly, though, and honestly i like Penelope Laine (for the nn Penny Laine, like the song) which to me is much sillier.

    Most people probably won't know the middle so to them it'll just be Emery.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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