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    I just don't like it. I really dislike the name Emery. Lane is great in the middle. I would choose a different first name like:

    Addie Lane
    Anna Lane
    Eliza Lane
    Ella Lane

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    I like both of these names a lot! My problem is that it is a little too unisex. Emery Elaine or Emily Laine maybe?! .

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    I also got memory lane from that. Not a fan.

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    Don't go there.

    1) Emery Laine - Memory Lane. It feels like a joke, and I don't think anyone wants their name to be a joke. You even asked if it was memorable. Memorable, yes, but not in a good way.

    2) Emery - Reminds me of emery boards, like nail files. It is unisex but sounds masculine to me.

    3) Laine - It looks like the E is missing from Elaine. I would just use Lane. Also unisex, which isn't bad, but when both names are unisex, the gender can be ambivalent, which isn't something that everybody likes. As a girl with a masculine nickname, I can tell you it isn't always nice.

    I would take some of the syllables in these names and move them around or switch out some letters so you have a name that doesn't sound like a pun.

    Emma Elaine
    Evelyn Jane
    Elliott Mae
    Mary Elaine
    Waverly Mae
    Everly Jane
    Emily Jane

    I really really like Everly and Elliott as substitutes for Emery, and Jane or Mae in place of Laine. Elaine can also sound so pretty, as with Emma Elaine. Good luck!

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    I didn't get the memory lane thing, but seeing other people's responses I do think that might be a concern. I still voted that I like it though
    I think Laine is a great middle name, maybe substitute Emery for something else? I know a little girl named Emerson. That may avoid the "memory lane" association. Just a thought

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