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    There are plenty of girlier names that end in Wynn/Wyn - Bronwyn, Cerridwyn, Gwyn, Éowyn etc.

    I'm not a fan of Willow Adelia Wynn James, because of the double W sound. I do like Wynn Adelia James (the Adelia makes it a lot more girly) and Adelia Wynn James.
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    Willow is nice, and Adelia is nice too. I think I like other Ad names better though ( Adalaide, Adeline, Adele, Ada.) Willow Adelia Wynn is kind of hard to say. Willow Adelia or Adelia Willow but itself is nice. As a second middle I'd choose a one syllable name ( like Wynn, but the 2nd W is a nit of a tongue twister.)

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    Adelia James is such a lovely name, my goodness. It sounds like a chic clothing designer. I love it!

    I agree that Wynn is not particularly girly if that's what you're looking for. Willow is pretty, but of the three the one I'd drop (I think all three are a bit tongue twisty and repetitive together). Adelia Wynn James is gorgeous IMO. I think I like Adelia James so much because James is softer and masculine, but Adelia is bolder (love the D sound) but feminine. It's a nice contrast, and they share the A sounds which ties the names together.

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    Adelia Wynn is simply stunning! So much nicer than Wynn Adelia or Willow Adelia. Adelia also sounds perfect with your boys' names which are all slightly off beat. (In a good way)!

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    How about Winter as a way to honor a Wynn?

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