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    Remington vs. Larkin

    So the hubs and I are looking for a name to coincide with our first born Son's name Dante Andrew Merton (DAM) so I like both Larkin and Remington. The middle name would be Alexander most likely so which sounds better with Dante Andrew: Remington Alexander or Larking Alexander or neither??

    Also on my list is Alastor, Dimitri, Devyn, Zaiden, and Zane welcome to add.more. on a sode note the girl name are Katra Elena Lyn and Cecily Alma Danielle so id blend with them as well
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    Larkin Alexander gets my vote

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    Between Larkin and Remington, there is NO CONTEST to me: Larkin is the clear winner. It is a bit softer, a bit more funky, fits much better with Dante. I also quite like Dante and Zane together. Also, Larkin Alexander flows much better than Remington Alexander.
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    I like Remington. Sounds all male! To me Larkin is feminine.

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    I like the name Larkin better, especially with Dante as the siblings name. However, I find Larkin to be more feminine. As long as you are ok with some potential confusion about that, then I say go for it Remington is a bit to long next to Dante in my opinion.
    I love love love the name Cecily too!!!!!

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