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    Baby Girl 15 Weeks & 2 Days Old ... Without A Name!

    I have thoroughly enjoying browsing through the wonderful advice that fellow members have generously given to parents seeking a name for their child / children on Nameberry.

    Our little girl is still without a name. I am struggling to find a name that I love.

    My husband is New Zealand born Chinese with a very European mind-set. I was also born in New Zealand however I am Caucasian. The children are surprisingly very fair. Both have golden coloured hair with pale skin and soft features. One has to take a second look to identify that they have an asian heritage.

    Our surname is Wong.

    Our first child will be 4 years of age in November, 2013. Her name is Estelle Maeve. Both names seem to be popular in the USA, however are in rare usage in Sydney, Australia (the country in which we reside).

    I want a name that is known but rarely used (I don't tend to follow trends & want a name that will stand the test of time), something feminine but not too frilly, a soft pronunciation, classic, refined, perhaps with a contemporary edge, unique but not quirky (where the child may be judged by her peers), etc.

    I find my husband's surname difficult to work with. I would love a name with an 'o' in it. Estelle was a compromise as I didn't initially like the 't' sound.

    I am very particular and have perfectionistic tendencies. We lost our second child in utero & waited a year before we tried to fall pregnant again. We were fortunate to have been blessed with a second little girl. I want a name that I will love to shout out to her across the park. I love both my children so very, very much.

    I am hesistant to try names like JUNO (she was born in June) & DOMINO, but like them all the same. Then my fear of giving a child a name that her peers may tease her for pushes me the other way.

    I like Rosemary, but my husband feels it is too old-fashioned.

    I adore french names but have yet to discover one that appeals. I like FLEUR but my husband isn't sure.

    I thought it wise to steer away from using another name beginning with 'E'.

    We have no strong family ties from which to select a name.

    I am completely lost & do hope someone might be able to help me get some direction back. What should be a joyful experience has become an arduous task.

    I welcome all suggestions & thank you for reading my request.


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    Estelle Maeve Wong and...
    Camille June Wong
    Juniper Fleur Wong
    Helena June Wong
    Dominique June Wong
    Cecelia June Wong
    Lucille June Wong
    Juliette Fleur Wong
    Vivienne June Wong
    Georgette Rose Wong

    Best of luck! Hope you find one that you love soon. Let us know how you go!

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    I love Rosemary, too. What about Roseline/ Rosaline? I'd also suggest Marguerite, Frances, Helena, Julia, Louisa, Magnolia, Millicent, Olympia, and Theodora as I think something feminine and semi-traditional would be good with Estelle. The -a endings may not sound the way you want with your last name, though, so if you don't like that I'd suggest sticking with a name that ends in a consonant sound. Congratulations and I hope you find the perfect name you love! I have some of the same tendencies as you and it can be difficult to find a name when you're waiting for something that is the "best" one.
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